BTC: ‘He sounded like he was sincere’


Chris Peabody’s Grade 12 world issues class at Sacred Heart High School in Walkerton isn’t sure what to make of Stephane Dion. Or, perhaps more specifically, they aren’t sure what to make of politics.

But how would they vote?

Despite the mixed feelings, a quick poll of the class showed that if all could vote, the Liberals would receive 10 votes, The Green Party six, and the NDP would garner three. The Conservatives would get shut out.


BTC: ‘He sounded like he was sincere’

  1. More proof kids are morons!

  2. “If you are not a socialist by the time you are 25, you have no heart. If you are still a socialist by the time you are 35, you have no brain.”

  3. “Conservatives are not necessarily stupid, but most stupid people are conservatives.” — John Stuart Mill

  4. Well said JWL – Though my favourite is Liberals think Conservatives are evil and Conservatives think Liberals are just stupid.

  5. KRT

    If I had been around in the time of Mill, I would argee with him 100%. Cons were a nasty bunch, a bunch of blue-bloods trying to protect their narrow interests over everyone else.


    Yes, there are lots of great quotes about left/right split and I agree socialists are rather dim. :)

  6. alternatively more proof you can;t BS kids.

  7. Oh,well,jwl. If I can figger out how this pooter thingy works I guess I’ll have change my name from Sisyphus to Anencephalic. It’s a no-brainer.

  8. or alternatively again, more proof you can PS kids, given the Tories fondness of a certain specie of bird

  9. Uh. Wayne, have you looked at the Cons these days? Specifically the MPs.. I don’t know about the party members at large.

  10. JWL, I am around in the time of Harper and I totally agree with what you wrote:
    “Cons were (are) a nasty bunch, a bunch of blue-bloods trying to protect their narrow interests over everyone else.”

  11. Of course, in John Stuart Mill’s day a conservative was a fiercely protectionist imperialist who tended to think that the problem with workhouses was that they were too soft on their charges and who thought nothing about sending a few thousand redcoats to some God-forsaken corner of the British Empire to blast golf-ball-sized holes in some ornery natives, all in the name of upholding the White Man’s Burden.

    Then again, Stephen Harper cut arts spending, so I guess that’s just as bad.

  12. If you think socialists are stupid it is usually because you don’t really understand socialism ie. socialism does not describe everything that is vaguley left wing). Impractical? Maybe. Idealistic? Probably, but I have rarely met a stupid socialist. Since socialism is at odds with our normal consumerist, capitalistic way of life most of the socialists I know are people who are intelligent enough to question what other people in western society take for granted (capitalism= freedom, buying things=happiness etc…) and then examine and analyse alternatives. That takes a fair bit of intelligence(For the record I’m not a socialist).
    As for Wayne’s oh so clever “you are evil, you are stupid” quip…I think I remember having a conversation like that in the sandbox when I was 6 (it wasn’t funny then either). Kind of sad that our politics hasn’t risen above the level of grade school bickering.

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