BTC: He was speaking metaphorically though, right?


Mr. Thibault seems quite determined to establish a new political standard for shortest amount of time between apologies.

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BTC: He was speaking metaphorically though, right?

  1. Ti-Dolt is steeped in stupid.

  2. The Hill Times gets one thing right. The only reason this is even in the news is because he won his riding by 512 votes.

    Besides, Marjory Lebreton only commenting on this is because of her Mulroney/Airbus vendetta.


  3. Speaking of age…

    Senator LeBreton: Honourable senators, I have been asked about Facebook before. I never look at Facebook because I do not understand the technology. I think the concept is dangerous.

  4. Aaron, it is commendable that you pointed this out because few media outlets have, at least according to google news.

    You would think an MP making sexist and/or misogynist remarks about an accomplished woman would rate some attention but in typical, liberal msm fashion, it is ignored.

    I wonder if the media would have been so quiet on the matter if a conservative mp told Martha Hall Findlay to stick to her knitting and make a cup of tea for Dion.

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