BTC: How many people have died on the Liberal campaign plane?


Just wondering.


BTC: How many people have died on the Liberal campaign plane?

  1. Fewer than have died through the Conservative cuts to the CFIA.

  2. As far as I know no one has died … Yet! Although I daresay there a few reporters that wished they were rather than spend another minute listening to Dion give another speech as they sit there wishing and hoping either Bobby or Iggy would get the crowd going.

  3. Excellent point, T. Thwim.

    And how does this compare to Harper & team’s content-related gaffes? E.g. those listed in the current macleans.ca poll:
    * No carbon offsets for the party jet
    * Trying to keep Elizabeth May out of the debates
    * The defecating puffin incident
    * The Halifax candidate with a criminal record
    * Identifying the father of a fallen Canadian soldier as a Liberal

    Is there anyone among us who has never had some sort of transportation glitch – a flat tire, dead battery, soggy spark plug, twisted ankle, missed the bus…? All that says is that no means of transportation is 100%, and if nobody gets hurt, no harm done.

    Issues please, media!!

  4. Aaron,
    There seems to be something wrong with the link on “wondering”.

  5. The link on “just” is fine.

  6. Sorry. Fixed.

  7. (Sorry, Aaron’s comment wasn’t up when I typed mine.)

  8. Speaking of Liberal gaffes that seem to be rarely mentioned here I see Dion is back pedalling as fast as he can right now with regards to deficits as he mentioned earlier that he would not rule them out and then confirmed what he had just said and of course what he said and confirmed is now being clarified … good grief … Charlie brown!

  9. Wayne, did Wherry’s post just fly over your head? Or are you just being silly again.

  10. Either Harper is lying about his views on deficits — he’s willing to go into them with all this largesse he’s handing/handed out, or he’s willing to gut anything after a fresh mandate (ala Bill Bennett 1983, Harris in Ont) with a pretend look of shock ‘oh wow!’ in reaction to a fiscal mess…

  11. And I am just wondering how many people those doctors have killed through their negligence.

  12. jwl- I may have misunderstood your last comment so let me check that I have it right- you are suggesting negligence on the part of the doctors who wrote the article critical of Harper? If that wasn’t the case I appolagize. If it was-
    1- Are you a doctor? A nurse? Even an orderly??? In any way qualified to judge anyone’s medical compitence?
    2- Since when did opposing Harper and making valid criticisms based on ones EXPERTISE in the field of medicine and/or public health make a doctor negligent? I mean, really, that comment is so far beyond the pale I really can’t think of what else to say. That is offensive, cruel and disgusting. If I read you correctly you are accusing these folks of being responsable for people dying because their statements are politically damaging to your prefered candidate. I can’t imagine the discourse getting much lower than that.

  13. A campaign is in some ways like an extended job interview. You’re being observed, you’re on trial so to speak. If a person calls his would-be employer to say he’ll be late because his car broke down, and the employer found out that the person had been negligent in the purchase or upkeep of the vehicle which resulted in the breakdown and the missing of the interview, he might just say – why take the risk? This doesn’t augur well for the future.

    The Liberals have known for some time now that an election was eminent, like say for the last 18 months. Yet they scramble to get a plane that turns out to be a flying scrapyard? I don’t know folks. A prudent person would wonder about it. Which is why the media is right to report it.

  14. RyanD

    My comment was more directed to Aaron and his inane post/point, doctors aren’t infallible you know.

    I am neither a doctor, nurse or orderly. However, I do have plenty of experience with incompetent doctors and surgeons through their mistreatment of my medical condition and their negligent behaviour towards a few people in my extended family.

  15. Well said JWL : and I agree I have had my lesson in life by placing entirely too much trust in a doctor who turned out to be incompetent and I came damn close to something far more seriously wrong happening. Believe this or not but it was a traditional chinese medicine practitioner who used moxibustion (cupping) and finally steered me in the right direction Taoist Tai Chi – for dealing with my severe protracted lateral shifting from scoliosis (that’s a mouthful)- and I have a new doctor = sometimes I think it is better if we realize that for the most part they are just meat mechanics!

  16. Wayne

    Sounds like we had similar experiences, naturopathic doctor sorted out my problem. Though I did think she was little more than snake oil salesman before I first went to see her. :)

  17. JWL- there is no getting around it. You accused several doctors you don’t even know of something VERY serious to score cheap (VERY CHEAP) political points. No matter who it was directed towards it was inappropriate in the extreme. It’s too bad you have dealt with some lousy doctors. That being said, it is an absurd and laughable leap of logic to use you personal experience with one or two doctors in your personal life to argue you are justified in slandering a group of doctors you have never met or been treated by as negligent to the point of killing people. I know it is easy to get carried away in political arguments and lord knows I’ve said some things that were unfair and down right stupid in those cases but when you get called on it you should have enough class to admit it instead of throwing out flimsy justifications.

  18. And I am just wondering how many people those doctors have killed through their negligence.

    What a vicious thing to say.

  19. Hey, there’s two whole chapters on Vicious in the Harper’s Talking Notes. Not one reference to Sid, either.

  20. This really is an important policy issue. And it’s not clear that the Tories should take all the blame for the current outbreak – read the pieces on the CMAJ site, including this one that repeatedly refers to “many food safety researchers” extolling the benefits of more industry involvement in monitoring, including self-monitoring.

    Other pieces talk about the lax standards in Canada and the unclear accountability between Ag-Canada and the Food Inspection Agency. These are problems the CMAJ has been raising since 1998 or 2003 and it would be great to see them take centre-stage now.

    How much the Tory shift to self-monitoring contributed to the crisis isn’t clear. How much the $100M food safety plan announced in the last budget would contribute to avoid another crisis is also unclear. Whether Dion’s $50M plan would better remedy the problems is also unclear.

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