BTC: How much is that cabinet in the window? (II)


CP’s Alex Panetta does some real research and puts the price for Stephen Harper’s cabinet at $24.2-million—a 42% increase from his “streamlined” first ministry. 

Points to the PMO for arguing that the extra expenses are required to ensure budgetary prudence within government.

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BTC: How much is that cabinet in the window? (II)

  1. Is anybody else talking about this? If it was Paul Martin’s government, there’d be cries of outrage from Sun, Canwest editors that would demand frugality during this time of crisis… But now, for whatever reason, excess is good. Of course, the same folks were telling us that this wildest spending party of drunken sailors were best able to mind our pocket books.
    If it wasn’t real, I’d have thought they’d stolen this plot from an ol’ BBC comedy.

  2. So much for small government, prudent spending and all that promised stuff.

    So, we’ve had a $300 million unnecessary election, extremely expanded cabinet, spending liek there’s no tomorrow – all in times of economic worries.


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