BTC: I regret nothing


Stephen Harper, asked by Peter Mansbridge whether he regrets his comment about rich, taxpayer-subsidized galas.

“I don’t like the way it was torqued.”

Then later.

“I think I got baited into an argument.”


BTC: I regret nothing

  1. (He regrets it.)

  2. Damn him for baiting himself into an argument!

  3. Sounds a lot like “they were 4 against me.”

  4. “Maybe not four years, but minorities can last a significant amount of time.” Say, wasn’t that the whole point of having a fixed election date. Doh!

    Speaking of leadership, when is Don Martin sharing the Harper playbook on disrupting committee business?

  5. Did Peter ask him why he refused the “Your Turn” format? I’d be interested to hear his answer.

  6. me dere robert:
    That’s just Stephen “My way or the highway” Harper’s way.

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