BTC: It's a date (IV) -

BTC: It’s a date (IV)


“His plan is made. He wants an election. Period.”

Gilles Duceppe departs 24 Sussex unimpressed.

Update. The PMO response. “Mr. Duceppe indicated that he does not have confidence in the government. We believe the Bloc wants to be seen as opposing the government. Mr. Duceppe doesn’t want to support us on anything, he’s hedging on an election. The Bloc has voted non confidence in the government for the last 18 months. Mr. Duceppe wants and intends to oppose the governent at every turn, he has voted against the government for the last 18 months.”


BTC: It’s a date (IV)

  1. Dollars to donuts that the PMO had that press release prepared days ago. Harper is so transparent.

  2. Fantastic excellent news as this is getting better and better!

  3. How redundant. Doesn’t the PMO have editors, or were they victim to the arts cuts?

  4. Shock! The leader of a anti-federalist party opposed the decisions and actions of a federalist government! Call out the mounties! Who would have thought that Gilles Duceppe, of all people, would not have supported Harper’s Conservatives! Those poor CONs… I’m guessing the next pronouncement from Harper’s War Room will be about those dastardly special interest groups who make requests and try to squeeze valuable face-time between his cabinet ministers and the big friendly fuzzy-wuzzy oil lobbyiests.

  5. Duceppe should have worn a wire into the meeting. There is no way Canadians can be sure of the truthfulness of the government report on the meeting. Gilles Duceppe seems more trustworthy than Stephen Harper. I wonder how many others feel the same?

  6. Just underlines that if Harper had respect for our government institutions, he would have had the nads to wait until Parliament is sitting and simply ask for a vote of (non-)confidence. Now *that* would be a precedent.

    But as with everything, he and the CPC prefer to hide under a rug to do things rather than face tough questions from the majority of MPs elected to represent the will of the Canadian people.