BTC: 'It's a joke' -

BTC: ‘It’s a joke’


If nothing else, Mr. Dion did just seem to use the word “prefab” as a verb. Something I did not think to be possible, but, after consulting with a dictionary, appears to be vaguely grammatical.

Silly question. Would Mr. Dion have been at all within his rights to ask why the Prime Minister would want to meet with a spineless, unpatriotic Taliban-sympathizer anyway? Not to mention a spineless, unpatriotic Taliban-sympathizer who presently leads a party said Prime Minister is currently suing for defamation.

Never mind. Don’t answer that.


BTC: ‘It’s a joke’

  1. Picking up on Paul Well’s theme last week about all outcomes being bad for Dion:

    It clearly will be a disaster for Dion if the general election is called before the by-elections, which Harper obviosuly thinks will go well for Dion.

    – JV

  2. I disagree completely JV – I think that the writing is on the wall for Dion and he knows it he has 3 months and one week as that is when the Liberals have to have to their leadership convention providing of course there is no election. Up to now Harper has been carrying him for a few rounds but the rope a dope is over and the pressure is increasing and will continue to increase day by day.

  3. Well Wayne, Harper seems darn anxious to call the general election before the by-elections.

    Wonder why?

    Do you suppose it’s because he thinks the by-election results will weaken the Liberals, and he’d really hate to see that happen?

    Or is he maybe concerned that the Libs will do well in the byelections, which will give them momentum going into the general election?

    Hmmm. Choices, choices.

    – JV

  4. it could be a bit of both, actually. With the other parties spending their hard-earned dimes in these byelections, then suddenly having to start all over again in a general election, he can apply a little kick.
    He can also beat the headlines of ‘3 Liberal wins’ along with ‘Canadian economy in the toilet’ and ‘Elections Canada beats gov’t in court’… kind of like a scoundrel’s trifeca.

  5. I don’t think so Dan I mean no one expects the Conservatives to do well in those by-elections so where is the downside no I think what is happening here is that Harper is keeping the other leaders off base and will continue to do so until December when the Liberals will have to have their leadership convention. I mean if Stevie was really worried he could just pro-rogue and obtain all the benefits and no down side in point of fact who knows maybe he will after all! Wouldn’t that be something?

  6. Well, Aaron, you see, … oh never mind. You don’t want me to answer that.

  7. Hmm, Wayne, I’m agreeing with you twice today. I’m curious if Party Chairman Harper wants an election now because of the upcoming Liberal leadership convention.