BTC: Late v. never


Why are stories like this (and this and this) appearing only now?

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BTC: Late v. never

  1. Well, gee . .. maybe because too many people in mainstream media were pre-occupied with election post-mortems and Liberal troubles to give the issues all that much attention?

  2. And they were too busy during the campaign looking for puffin-poop, sweater vests, off colour listeria jokes, and plagiarized speeches

  3. Isn’t Wherry asking why this didn’t come out before Oct 14?

    Perhaps it was all a huge conspiracy to have Harper have to deal with the economy after cutting the GST (not exactly where one would cut if you really wanted to protect or stimulate the economy) and raising spending and eliminating the budget cushion that protected against deficits.

    What about implementing his cap and trade now, which even his own government finds will put more of a damper on the economy than the Green Shift, without offering Canadians any of the relief they would have seen with the Green Shift?

  4. And polls.

  5. john g- “And they were too busy during the campaign looking for puffin-poop, sweater vests, off colour listeria jokes, and plagiarized speeches”

    There was little need to look for those things as they were more or less given to them. Man, I can’t believe Tories are still crying about the press paying attention to their screw ups when THEY chose to make the campaign about image over substance. Seriously! You went negative, you won, don’t cry about the fact that your shoes got dirty in the mud pit you created!

  6. I hadn’t previously noticed that Harper dropped a lot of his tough-on-crime promises (because others convinced him they were stupid, the article seems to suggest) but the other two items, about the gas tax cut liabilities and cap and trade versus carbon tax, were well-known to anyone who was paying attention.

    Interesting to see the National Post pick this up though. On another post, someone is pulling the their article on some non-expert climate change skeptic – so I guess the NP is presenting both sides – reason and idiocy.

  7. It’s the liberal media, Wherry, hard at work. Besides it’s all part of a grand Muttartian Plan (TM) as Paul Wells will no doubt chronicle in his next book, “Right Side Up – Way Up!!!”

  8. Calculated deception has always been a hallmark of CPC goodies.

    Why should anyone be surprised at any of this?

    Thanks media for underlining yet again how poorly you do your jobs…


  9. There was writing about all these items, Aaron.

    But most of it that I saw was primarily in that polyglot group of bloggers labeled as “progressive”.

  10. Well, two of the stories have a look at the very-late-released Tory platform (one looking at the law-and-order issues and one — you media people can’t help yourselves, can you — the photos in the book (with a bit of speculation on what the economic downturn may do to some promises being kept). The other one of the three reports on a “new” study from the Pembina Institute for TD, actual release date not specified, but possibly not available pre-fourteenth.

    The media were ridiculing the Tories for being too Bush-like on law-and-order, I do not recall anyone highlighting any backpedalling. The media were ridiculing the style over the substance throughout the campaign, so I don’t get your late-vs.-never on Weston. Coyne was busy lambasting the Tories for being less efficient on cap-and-trade than the Green Shift’s carbon tax.

    And so your problem is, what, exactly?

  11. My guess as to the problem Wherry sees (he can correct me) is that all three of these point to examples of Harper misleading Canadians during the election, with his tough on crime promises, cut the gas tax promise and a carbon tax with cuts to income tax is the end of the world while a cap and trade is something completely different and won’t cost us anything.

    So, now that the election is over, they tell us we will not be seeing the gas tax cut and cap and trade is going to cost us even more than a carbon tax, but don’t expect any compensating income tax cuts.

  12. Open letter to Messrs. Layton, Harper and yet-to-be-named. Oh, and the e n t i r e media
    Hey, lets try an experiment with the next election (and Lord knows there will be one shortly)
    No polls. Or at least no reporting of the polls.
    No whining about the ‘old days’ of Canadian politics (although history says the old days weren’t so hot either)
    Talk about one thing and one thing only.
    The Issues.
    Thank you.

  13. Harper still wants to “continue efforts to change Canada’s drug laws to ensure that serious drug crimes — such as trafficking and running large cannabis grow operations or crystal methamphetamine labs — face mandatory prison sentences.”

    The war on drugs is such a money pit. If he doesn’t want regulate and tax pot, and use the funding to get serious about treatment and substitution therapy, as well as continue InSite and NAOMI, he should at least call off the dogs for a while until the economy recovers.

    The cocaine problem will take care of itself with the economic downturn, but a lot of mom and pops (and no, not bikers — cops tend to be a bunch of jocks that always hated hippies — they’re not neutral and they lie about marijuana all the time) will be depending on the extra income to eat.

  14. Could their sudden disinterest in those law-and-order trinkets be that, well, they only work in election periods. Like the promise last time to deploy 2500 more police officers which went unfulfilled (and there was rarely a din about it) despite the fact that, as the media likes to remind us, the CONs are the ‘law-and-order party’. While we are to pay no attention to those stats which show crime has been falling since the mid-90s, well, that doesn’t serve the CON agenda. So there needs to be a sense of ‘crime’ for their platform to work its magic, at fundraising times and election times.
    More ‘aw-ful’ than ‘law-ful’, seems to me.

  15. Simple. The press gallery is finished with Dion so Harper will now have to endure more scrutiny at least until a new LPC leader is put in place.

    Not to worry though. The PMO will slap down those pesky reporters as they always do and the said reporters will bow down in awe and renewed respect.

  16. speaking of interesting timing, why did PW shut down comments on his blog very shortly before posting a retrospective on the first decade of the National Post?

  17. Despite the proliferation of blogs and online media, most Canadians — and many more of the older Canadians who vote — still get their political information from nightly and weekend broadcast news. The news programs of two of the three networks, CTV and Global, are basically Conservative chat shows. Most of Canada’s national newspaper chains and local TV stations have pro-Conservative editorial boards. Nuff said?

  18. The more important question is: what can we do about it? How do we fix it? How do we force the networks to talk about the issues? Is that even possible?

  19. Perhaps it’s all about Quebec…..he’ll lie and deceive and change his mind and do anything to win an election and push for his beloved majority.

  20. Well, duh. Most of the media gave Harper and the Conservatives a free ride during the election campaign. No doubt self interest was at work here since many reporters were probably worried they would lose their PMO access from a control-freak, non-transparent government.

    So, what was left to do for the glorified news flacks but beat up on Dion and the Liberals, the only party that had something resembling a coherent political platform. Bravo media, bravo!

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