BTC: ‘More than a joke’


The Globe editorial board on Gerry Ritz.

“…there are only so many times Prime Minister Stephen Harper can signal his disappointment with his party’s ministers and staff before questions must be raised about just what sort of environment they are working in. Mr. Ritz should have been fired or resigned as soon as his comments came to light, if only to send a message that such conduct will no longer be tolerated. But it is fair to question whether it has been tolerated for too long behind closed doors already.”

For whatever it’s worth, any given day watching Question Period from the gallery might tell you that little has been contained behind closed doors. Indeed, if the condemnation here is a lack of seriousness in governance, the circumstantial evidence has hardly been hidden.


BTC: ‘More than a joke’

  1. Patrick Lagacé wrote a piece on a Bloc MP (Caroline St-Hilaire) who is leaving politics.

    She spoke about the environment in Ottawa since the Conservatives took over and how it was more “professional” when the Liberals were there.

    Ed Broadbent and Joe Clark always say things are getting out of hand.

    On the other hand, it seems like people are always nostalgic about the past.

  2. This is not a gaffe.

    This is Conservativism.

  3. Look more closely at Question Period and watch Mark Holland or other Liberal Rat Pack members.

    Unfortunately, tasteless comments are not limited to one party. It has been endemic over the past six months from all parties.

    It is my hope that the election will go at least a few steps in lancing the boil.

  4. Amen. Ritz should resign.

  5. Minister Ritz was completely out of line in his capacity as Minister in charge of the listeria crisis which was and is taking killing Canadians. Ritz was speaking with CFIA professionals, doctors and scientists as the voice of the Canadian government, not as an individual MP. His remarks are disgraceful.

    He should resign, today, because sooner or later PM Harper will have to cut him loose.

  6. The press to the public:

    this is a big deal!

    this is a big deal!

    The classic example of poor marketing: trying to convince your target market that they want your product, rather than finding out what the market wants and giving it to them.

    But by all means, keep telling us that a single inappropriate joke trumps all the other important issues of the day.

    Memo to the Canadian media (the Boards of Directors and senior executives – not the journalists, the journos can’t help themselves with the anti-Harper Gotcha, it’s like Heroin to them):

    have a gander at the New York Times stock values over the past year.

  7. Gerry Ritz can be described in one word “slob” Can you ever imagine if a cabinet minister in the U.S. government was so insensitive to the deaths of nearly 20 of their citizens? He would be out the door before a lynch mob arrived. Two weeks ago it was the remark about the father of a fallen soldier! Harper and his cohorts are the personification of the cowboys in western movies. They personify rudenss and are as common as dirt. But then Alberta is a cowboy provnce so what can you expect. Surprised Harper doesn’t hop on and off a horse to show his prowess. LOL

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