BTC: ‘My goodness me’


Andrew Sullivan posted this video last week, looking to make a point about democratic accountability and Sarah Palin. Whatever your feelings on the latter, there’s probably something to be said for the former.

And so you might ask yourself when our prime minister might put himself in a position to face something such as this. And whether Stephane Dion would continue to make himself so publicly available were he elected to the top spot.



BTC: ‘My goodness me’

  1. Very interesting video.

    When can we expect Harper to go in front of any kind of public townhall meeting during this campaign, to take free-ranging questions from a non-handpicked, non-partisan audience?

    You can speculate about the future all you want but at least Dion is having open townhall meetings now, unlike Harper.

  2. D: will not happen this campaign.

    It seems the sun has set on the ‘new era of accountability’ with diminished returns of democracy in the process.

  3. And when will the facts be known? What we have here is Mrs. Thatcher denying plausibly (?) and at length. It does not preclude her lying for propaganda purposes. WMD anyone?

    Perhaps we should settle for a PM prepared to tell the truth, albeit poorly in one of the official languages.

  4. No leaders in North America face anything like the grilling the pols in UK get. Our media is entirely too deferent and never ask really tough questions with follow ups.

    Also, the Brits are more bolshie, spiky and they enjoy the cut and thrust of debate. I remember watching Jeremy Paxman, their equivalent of Peter Mansbridge, and he would ask pols the same question 15 times until he got a satisfactory answer. They also had a few townhall meeting type shows that pols would go on and the audience went out of their way to ask uncomfortable questions.

    I have long had the impression that NA media is star struck by pols, that they want to be friends with these people instead of antagonists.

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