BTC: On fishing -

BTC: On fishing


One last note from last night. The latest salvo in the fish or cut bait debate.

“Now, friends, about three weeks ago, I finally told Mr. Dion, in a speech in Quebec, that it was time to fish or cut bait. So instead of making a decision, he actually went fishing.”

No doubt Mr. Dion will stretch the metaphor even further when he speaks to the press gallery in 45 minutes.


BTC: On fishing

  1. You mean fish or cut bait was intended as a metaphor, and not literal advice? He’s a crafty devil, Stephen Harper is.

  2. Harper comes across as being very dour and earnest whenever I see him but occasionally I read things that say he’s a funny guy. I wish we would see more of the humourous version of Harper, that joke about fishing isn’t too bad.

  3. Good thing Harper didn’t tell Dion to go bleep himself.

  4. Harper’s only schtick is to hide his naked compulsion for power, and the gutting of more than just fish.
    Give me the guy who walks the walk any day over the talk and shift-changer.

  5. “walks the walk” that’s a useful metaphor. how 1948 of you

  6. It is, ain’t it. Funny how Harper has turned to it on more than one occasion — kinda ‘old hat.’
    But that’s our George, er Stephen for you.