BTC: Political fashion statement of the day -

BTC: Political fashion statement of the day


The NDP’s Pat Martin at ethics committee today. Beige linen suit. Beige, but slightly darker, slacks. No socks. Sandals.

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BTC: Political fashion statement of the day

  1. So what, exactly, does that statement “say”?

    And what type of sandals did he have? A good pair of Keens or Tevas?

  2. Remind you of Scott Reid’s beige jacket?

  3. And here I thought there’d be a picture…

  4. The mental picture is quite enough.

  5. Still… It would have been funny to see.

  6. When Pierre Elliot Trudeau became a Liberal member of Parliament in 1965, he sometimes offended his conservatively dressed colleagues in the House of Commons with his informal attire. That year, Opposition Leader John Diefenbaker lashed out at the forty-six-year-old bachelor for wearing a sporty yellow ascot in the House instead of a conventional and sombre tie. But nothing vexed parliamentarians more in the mid-1960s than Trudeau’s footwear. The justice minister, charming, rebellious, and stubborn, had a penchant for sandals, then considered outlandish housing for the male foot.