BTC: Recycling


Dusty old quotes from previous versions of Stephen Harper are being swapped rather frantically these days. Here is perhaps the most applicable at the moment. It was first spoken in 2004, referenced by the Post’s Don Martin in 2006 and revived again in 2007 by the Bloc’s Michel Guimond (which is to say, it’s about due for its annual re-airing). To wit.

“It is the Parliament that’s supposed to run the country, not just the largest party and the single leader of that party”.


BTC: Recycling

  1. Ouch… it’d be fun to see some video of that little soundbyte prepended to whatever Harper will say when he drops the writ in an election ad.

    He’s a bloody hypocrite.

  2. Aaron, context is important.

    I downloaded the picture from your first link, and from the blurred image, it appears that Harper had just, or was in the process of, crossing his fingers.

    He’s got it covered.

  3. Since it’s really the people who are supposed to run the country, at the least Harper is not running away from elections…

  4. Why do you hate Canada, Mr. Wherry?

    I bet you don’t support the troops, either.

  5. Who’d a thought – a politician saying one thing and doing another! Don’t stop Mr Wherry, I bet Harper’s got dozens of these gems in his drawer.

    Of course, apparently the CON corps can’t handle the truth.

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