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Talking with Jack Layton yesterday (print edition story to follow next week) and discussion turns to Jack’s summer vacation. Or, as it might more accurately be described, Jack’s summer “vacation.”

Seems Jack and Olivia decided to voyage down the Alsek River, paddling and camping and hiking and such. But don’t take Layton’s word for it. A heroic-enough picture of the trip is on display at NDP.ca. Click on the link and you’ll find both an essay on the trip (and how it relates to the NDP’s environmental policies) and a YouTube video (though I’m not getting any audio on this computer).

Two points on the NDP’s use of Jack’s leisure time.

1. If the Liberals had tried this with Mr. Dion, the images would’ve made the front page of the Globe.

2. Why haven’t the Liberals tried this with Mr. Dion?

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BTC: Rugged

  1. Perhaps its because a) for Dion to become prime minister, he has to get out and communicate his ideas and the theory that he is a leader.
    For Jack to become PM b) he has to traverse the Virginia Falls while singing some Gilbert and Sullivan tunes with only a kazoo for accompaniment.
    And yes, if he still did that, he’d only receive coverage on his own website.

  2. Layton would make an awesome PM. I can’t see any other national leader going on a trip like this.

  3. Taking an “awesome” vacation does not a prime minister make.

  4. Nice to give Jack some publicity. Maybe the Alaskans will get back some of those scarce tourism dollars that have gone South. They’re sure not going to Victoria or Whistler.

    Regarding his essay: isn’t a carbon tax a more efficient way to get the big industrial polluters to pay for their misdeeds than a “polluter pay” scheme that would likely be highly politicized? After all if Syncrude and Suncor (that’s who we are talking about right?) are burning all that carbon-rich natural gas, then they have to pay for it like everyone else.

    Maybe one of our virtual Enivronmental Economists can clarify why Jack’s statements make sense to them, because they don’t make sense to me.

  5. Jack takes a canoe trip – well, pardon me if I could care less.

    It’s all about Jack, all the time….did he take a mirror with him?

  6. “Now, in a canoe, where these premises are based on nature in its original state (rather than on books, ideas and habits of uncertain value), the mind conforms to that higher wisdom which we call natural philosophy; later, that healthy methodology and acquired humility…”

    Exhaustion and Fulfilment: The Ascetic in a Canoe
    By Pierre E. Trudeau, 1944…”

    If anyone needs to go on a canoe trip it’s the bookish Stephane Dion. Unlike his illustrious predecessor, I don’t think he has it in him.

    As for Jack Layton, Trudeau, for one, would have been impressed.

  7. It is probably because when it comes to his personal life he is intensly private but anyone who knows anything about Stéphane Dion knows that he is an avid outdoorsman and loves to fish and canoe.

    So please stop with the uninformed “he doesn’t have it in him” commentary.

  8. Yes, well I see that Dion’s wife just sent the media a picture of him with a 10 pound jack to prove to the world that he fishes. But if it’s true that he canoes, then good on him.

  9. I came across this somewhat humanizing article about Dion (in French) that seems to back up his fish story:


    (You can translate it using Google or Babelfish – or struggle through it trying to remember your tenses and conjugations from school, like me, ugh.)

    I guess Dion actually does spend a lot of time in the Rouge River area doing all of those outdoorsy things. Seems to get on well with the neighbours, too. It’s nice to be reminded, occasionally, that these folks do have lives and families and hobbies away from politics.

  10. I enjoyed that. one would almost think M. Dion was human.

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