BTC: Ruggedish -

BTC: Ruggedish


It’s not quite Jack Layton paddling down the Alsek, but how about Stephane Dion with a really big fish?


BTC: Ruggedish

  1. I will say this: that is a big fish. I’m going to presume that this was done from a boat- fish that size don’t swim close to piers. Where’s that picture?

  2. I think Martin Legault caught the fish and Dion is trying to claim credit.

  3. Why does Stephane Dion hate fish and want to kill them? He’s not a leader. He can’t be trusted.

  4. “What was Harper doing while Dion was fishing and cutting bait?” asked Dion aide Jean-François Del Torchio. “He was cutting arts programs.”

    Best. Photo. Ever. Dion looks so noble and serious, with his big phattie.

  5. And in response the Tories have launched a new series of ads….they are, as always, brilliant:

  6. That didn’t work…damn computer languages – there was a really funny looking cartoon fish.

  7. It made me think of the 1964 movie The Incredile Mr. Limpet starring Don Knotts – the before and after shot (although admittedly the fish is not wearing glasses)