BTC: Scenes from a call-in show


On the air with CP24 this afternoon, speculating with Ipsos Reid’s John Wright. (Long story short, I haven’t the faintest idea what’s going to happen. John at least had some actual, quantitative research to reference.)

The first two callers are as follows.

First, a female political science student. Proceeds to run down every way in which Stephen J. Harper has failed as a leader, from undermining his own fixed election date legislation to skipping the Olympics to failing to attend an international AIDS conference. She doesn’t like him. And she has about 106 reasons for feeling as such.

Next, a man who identifies himself as working in the manufacturing sector. Harper’s been a steady leader. Can’t vote for Dion because his carbon tax would be ruinous.

John, with numbers to back his assertion up, notes that male voters are Dion’s big weakness. A subsequent caller says Manufacturing Guy needs to realize that it was Conservatives governments who mortally wounded his industry in the first place. Someone else crabs about those Liberal jerks in the Senate. An elderly man deems this the most important election of his lifetime.

Anyway. Make of this what you will. But it is perhaps possible—if also dangerous—to take from those first two callers an indication of what is to come these next six weeks and what is to decide who gets to lead Canada’s 40th Parliament.


BTC: Scenes from a call-in show

  1. “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter”

    Whenever I listen to talk radio, or read blog comments, I often think of Churchill’s quote.

  2. Personally I like Blackhawk’s on CPAC!

  3. Interesting. So what Dion needs to do to get Harper voters is better explain the green shift and how what it means is people pay less in taxes and can then decide if they want to put that money into non-sustainable products or buy other things instead.

    What Harper needs to do to get Dion voters is change history.

    Good luck with that.

  4. I think Harper and his crowd are trying to hide their anti-gay, anti-abortion, pro American Republican attitudes. Nothing above would make me vote for them, even holding my nose!!

  5. If there is a similar gender division that hits both leaders, then that is another force that will prevent a majority in the future. However, going in Harper’s corner, besides being a real good liar, is that his core vote isn’t being pulled and pulled by other smaller factions.
    Dion has to stickhandle around both Layton — currently playing coy and luvy-duvy with the CON leader — and May. Even with the tacit endorsement of one, it’s a tough nut to crack. Not impossible, but tough.

  6. If there is a similar gender division that hits both leaders, then that is another force that will prevent a majority in the future.

    There is, Harper/the Cons do even more poorly with women that the Libs/Dion do with men. So they both have gender issues. As a partisan, though, it behooves me to mention women are a majority of the population, and increasing.

  7. Wany – I think you mean Goldhawk. One thing about Goldhawk, he cuts off the people who phone in that are obviously reading the talking points set out by the Conservatives.

    You have to wonder if these callers even have a brain…using website talking points.


  8. Whoops – so, so sorry – typo. I meant to address “Wayne”

  9. Well Sandy ooops Sandi = good for him … though I have never heard him do it though the obvious barb about talking points is a form of subjective semantics as one person’s policy, message, perspective or opinion is another’s talking point personally I am tired of the Liberal talking points like hidden agenda, bully steve bla bla bla get creative folks if you are going to try to insult someone at least make an attempt at creativity like Kady does!

  10. I am tired of the Liberal talking points like hidden agenda

    Actually Wayne as I recall Harper is now using “hidden agenda” against the Liberals, so I believe under the I Know You Are But What Am I? act of 1986, Hidden Agenda is now fair game for us again.

  11. Note to all parties: “agenda” = plural of “agendum,” “something that has to be done/discussed.”

    Thus: “Harper has hidden agenda” NOT “Harper has A hidden agenda”; “The Liberal agenda ARE profoundly out of touch with Canadians” NOT “The Liberal agenda IS profoundly out of touch with Canadians.”

    Thank you.


    Jack Mitchell
    National Coalition of Pedants

  12. In that case BC’er have a party as if a hidden agenda isn’t hidden anymore does it still make sound in the forest? By the way great handle I am a born in ontario (peterborough) but came out west to Victoria seeking fame and fortune person and it was the best decision I ever made. Life is good and full of possibilities out here every time I go back east to visit family and friends I am reminded of this.

  13. Now that’s funny Jack oh mighty leader of pedants!

  14. I get a kick out of the fact that Liberal support comes almost entirely from women.

    (not that there’s anything wrong with that…

    except for sally things like the “pink book”)

    go girl power!

    anyway, all the women i know don’t need “help” from the government to take care of themselves or make them feel equal.

  15. Hey Jack,

    What would it take to be sponsored for membership in your association? I imagine you drink a very fine sherry, or perhaps cognac, while browsing through leather bound volumes. Rescue me from the provinces …

  16. Perhaps I’m far too cynical, but doesn’t anyone else find it strange that a “gut from the manufacturing sector” happened to call in and repeat Conservative talking points? Did he end his comments with “Stephen Harper- strong leadership at your side?”

    Not that I’m implying that a political party would stoop so low as to having fake callers on call in shows…

  17. terry, the women I know including me don’t like Harperite Conservatives like Ken Epp and other antiabortionists trying to dictate to women and take away our personal sovereignty.

  18. Sorry to inform you Holly but I am one of those Harperite Conservatives you mention and you have bought into a Liberal Fear and Shmear slogan … my party supports the laws and statues as they stand and support a woman’s right to choose what she does with her own body, don’t buy into the slogans from left wing nuts as they are simply not true. Epp’s bill had nothing to do with abortion and was trying to make an effort to punish a criminal who violently attacks a pregnant woman because as it stands they get off with a slap on the wrist right now!

  19. Wayne, I find it funny when you call other people ‘nuts’

  20. Epp’s bill, with its references to unborn and preborn children, had everything to do with abortion, which is why Harper and Nicholson are backing away from it; because they know it will lose them votes.

    If your party supports the law, why have they been obstructing the work of the ethics committee? They have been acting like they are indeed guilty of robbing the taxpayer to pay the Conservative party.

  21. Hey Holly the circus you call the Ethic;s committee (what a name they should practise some) has little or nothing to do with the law as the case that will decide the issue is before the courts and I lost all respect for the committee and tuned out right after no conservative was allowed a requested witness as it became an insult to democracy and the sooner it’s report is filed in the bin the better as far as I am concerned.

  22. Wayne: The motion was examining the ethical issues surrounding the conservative’s transfer of expenses from the national parties to the ridings. The witnesses that the conservatives listed had absolutely nothing to do with that. I mean, maybe you think it’s okay to pull in every Tom, Dick, and Harry you can so as to delay the proceedings as long as possible, but I don’t.

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