BTC: Summer reading (II)


Sam Logan, publisher of the Michigan Chronicle, blames voters for the political situation in Detroit.

“Detroiters are scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to quality elected officials. The makeup of much of the school board, city council, mayor’s office and Detroit delegation in the state Legislature are proof positive, painfully reinforced by the tendency of voters to repeatedly elect candidates with little integrity or judgment about what constitutes good public service.

“Clearly, Detroit is in need of a better mix of educated, sophisticated voters to reconfigure and revitalize the social, political and economic environment.”


BTC: Summer reading (II)

  1. I work in Detroit and so I’m very aware of what’s going on. What seems to me is that “Detroit politics” only seems to make sense to Detroiters. If you’re from the suburbs or any other area removed from Detroit, then things don’t make sense to you.
    I agree that the elected officials are often of the worst kind. Unfortunately, many of the constituents aren’t always informed, logical people but those steered by emotionally polarized comments. They’re so willing to stick by people that it’s just about official that they’ve been up to no good and yet still keep their positions.
    One of the problems is the ghetto mentality of hiring friends and family. I wouldn’t have a problem with it, unless those friends and family were not only incompetent but downright thieves.
    I think that until voters can move away from voting emotionally, ignore the BS that they’re fed and look for officials who’d bring in the most qualified people, then Detroit will rise up. In the mean time, it will continue to stagnate. It’s current state truly saddens my heart.

    Jose A. Rodriguez

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