BTC: ‘That’s just absurd’


Those 200 new inspectors the Prime Minister hired? The food inspectors union has no idea what he’s talking about.


BTC: ‘That’s just absurd’

  1. Well who’s lying then?

  2. We should absolutely take the word of the union official who clearly has no vested interest here, over the word of the chief veterinarian quoted in the article linked: “Dr. Brian Evans, the chief veterinary officer at the CFIA, has said the number of inspectors at the agency climbed from 2,820 in 2006 to 3,020 in 2008.”

  3. 3020 – 2820 = 200 go figure!

  4. Hey anon – let’s add the next two lines from the article you quoted:

    “He has not said whether those new hires work in food safety. The union counters with a document called the ‘Essential Service Agreement.’ It is a chart outlining the number of inspectors in each category and how many are deemed essential in the event of a strike. The chart suggests there are less than 2,000 positions devoted to some form of food safety.”

  5. The prime minister says 200 new inspectors were hired. Brian Evans confirms 200 new inspectors were hired. So I’m not sure what the next two lines have to do with anything, except that maybe those 200 new inspectors aren’t classified in the exact little vestibule that the union would wish. Again, let’s not pretend that the union couldn’t possibly have any kind of agenda here.

  6. Fair enough anon, but are you suggesting that Harper and the chief veterinarian may not have reason to spin the numbers too?

    Also, the term inspector has a particular meaning to it – it may well be that 200 additional staff were hired, but it’s disingenuous to call them inspectors if they didn’t augment the front-line work of inspecting.

  7. Nobody is disputing that the 200 hires were inspectors. The union is pointing out that fewer employees in Food Safety are classified as “essential service” than the total number of inspectors. What this proves is really not clear.

    What else do inspectors at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency inspect?

  8. Why has this not front and centre on the election campaign. 18 deaths directly or indirectly related to this governments policy. Why is MSM not hammering this to find out the truth. If this is indeed the truth and Harper is lying he should be outed. This is definitely not getting enough media attention as far as I am concerned.

  9. Inspecting what? Given the Harper government, perhaps they’re inspecting the computer systems to make sure that another document explaining the truth of what’s going on doesn’t leak out.

    Remember, the next step of the plan is to cut back on inspections of Manitoba beef for BSE. Nasty disease that, literally eats holes in your brain.

  10. I am Canadian, in case you haven’t noticed, the press isn’t really interested in pursuing “issues” this time around. Nevermind the pandemonium taking place south of the border or the growing crisis in Pakistan as it pertains to our mission in A’stan. Who cares about climate change or the state of this country’s healthcare? This election is about who makes for the strongest leader (whatever that means)and that is all we’re being fed these days.

  11. I wonder why the CFIA hasn’t leaked the details of the Tories $100M Food Safety Action Plan announced in the Budget. Does it not include enough tasteless jokes to get their attention?

  12. Anon you know full well that Harper, in saying there are 200 new food safety inspectors, is implying that they are working on making the food safety system safer… as the story says he “has not said whether those new hires work in food safety”

    it is like everything else with Harper e.g., fixed election dates but not, you know, fixed election dates.

  13. Perhaps Harper is implying that the new hires are working on making the food safety system safer, because that is what the intent actually was in hiring them. Of course, it’s much more fun to assume that Harper simply wants what’s worst for everyone, regardless of how much sense that might make.

  14. Hmmm . . . Did we all read the same article? The one I read blames the Mulroney, Chretien, Martin & Harper governments.

    The CFIA also regulates things like use of biotechnology, fertilizer, breeder/grower rights. They do a lot more than food safety. Can’t any of you partisans Google?

  15. The CFIA regulates a range of things, but food safety is their top priority and their inspections focus on food safety and public health (aside from seeds where they are interested in breeder/grower rights). Is the union implying the Harper government has made a massive new investment in seed inspections? I assume if the number of food inspectors had fallen, PSAC would show those numbers instead of the slightly off-topic numbers they have used.

    This should be front and centre in the campaign, and the discussion should be about what the parties will do to address the problems that have persisted since Mulroney – rather than attacking Harper for implementing a change the CMAJ editorial board (if not every editor) believes could be helpful.

  16. They are all employed in the new damage control department.

  17. anon, in defending papa harper, says: “it’s much more fun to assume that Harper simply wants what’s worst for everyone, regardless of how much sense that might make.”

    on the same day as Harper says that Dion is “quite frankly sitting on the sidelines virtually cheering for there to be a recession.”

    and the day after Dean del Mastro says: “Mr. Dion thinks it’s a good idea to put people out of work. That’s why he’s championing a carbon tax.”

    anon… you and CPC have zero credibility

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