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BTC: The best election blog not affiliated with this website

  1. Oh, the ‘Mother Corp’. That’ll go over real well with the tin hat brigade.

    Watch out Aaron, accusations of bias and lack of integrity headed your way!

  2. Figures you would pick a CBC blog. I mean, what’s not great about a blog with 3 guys who don’t have the gumption to even write one post a day each.

    My fav corp blog on elections has been Ottawa Citizen’s Election 08.

  3. jwl, one presumes that each entry is actually quite a bit of work, what with the research involved.

  4. Attention journalists:

    Is any newsperson other than Greg Weston curious about the fact that it appears a prospective PM, leader on the world stage, and head of our state,

    fakes disabilities,

    when in a bind?

    Isn’t that sort of an instant disqualifier, for literally any position of responsibility, let alone the job of running our country???

    Isn’t this something every man and woman in this country would want to know about when making their decision on Tuesday?

    Dion’s campaign claimed hearing problems as the cause:

    it was a sound proof studio, and the questioner was sitting two feet away from him. He would have to be legally deaf not to have heard the question, and as far as I can tell, Dion has never been diagnosed with a hearing disorder, let alone one severe enough to justify not hearing a lone individual in a sound proof studio.

    I guess we should keep looking for five year old speeches Harper gave.

    Now THAT would be important “revealing” headline grabbing news.

  5. Is any newsperson other than Greg Weston curious about the fact that it appears a prospective PM, leader on the world stage, and head of our state,

    The PM is not the head of state.

    Please revise the original source from which you copied ‘n pasted this bit of off-topic ConBot blather.

    Thenk yew.

  6. Walking away from Kody slowly

    I really enjoyed the CBC blog, but one thing that irks me is their repeated tendency to ignore the Green Party.

  7. Ahh the brush offs,

    and nitpicking,

    but oh so careful not to touch the substance of the query.

  8. You’re right, Andrew. That’s one of the sites I check on a daily basis. I don’t always agree with the sources they choose to use but that’s life.
    Mine, anyway.

    And the chuckie corps doesn’t know from research.
    They only know repeat.. and repeat .. and repeat.

  9. Nice to see the Liberal partisans content to believe Dion has a “sudden total hearing loss in English only syndrome.”

  10. And the chuckie corps doesn’t know from research.

    Who needs research when the truth is what you feel in your guts? Big Daddy Harper himself asserted this when he claimed that, although statistical evidence shows crime to be on the decline, Canadians feel that this is not so. In fact, that way of knowing is so superior because one knows what others are feeling.

  11. Oh. Ti-Guy. You mean kinda like empathy matters ??


    Does Coyne know ?

  12. Oh. Ti-Guy. You mean kinda like empathy matters ??

    I think empathy really means understanding how someone else might feel a certain way, without necessarily believing those feelings are justified (maybe they are, maybe they aren’t) or necessarily feeling them yourself.

    …but I digress. Back to the topic: cochlear implants.

  13. Thanks Ian. That’s where I read Harper’s comment:

    Some try to pacify Canadians with statistics,” he scoffed. “Your personal experiences and impressions are wrong, they say; crime is really not a problem. These apologists remind me of the scene from the Wizard of Oz when the wizard says, ‘pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.’ But Canadians can see behind the curtain. They know there’s a problem.

    It’s the many documented statements like this from Harper that give me grave doubts about this man’s connection to reality.

    I’d be relieved to find out that he turns around and winks at his handlers when he says things like this.

  14. The CBC has done a good job covering this election in my opinion. The Ormiston Online bits have been genius.
    And they have managed to keep things elevated by resisting personal attacks by calling people “despicable human beings”.

  15. Cochlear implants ! Thanks for the reminder.

    I actually saw the first one of those performed in NS. I’m old. What was the topic again ?

    No matter. I’m sure one of those guys will remind me again. And again.

  16. I had a kitten when I was child.

  17. My vote for the worst election site is “vote for the envoironment”, which according to the Tyee newspaper is a front organization or the Liberals and NDP and hostile to the Greens of all parties.

    see the following excerpt from the Tyee…

    The Vote for Environment website is attracting enough attention that Green Party members, largely left out of the site’s choices, are hitting back hard.

    An e-mail circulating among Greens accuses organizers Kevin Grandia and Alice Klein of being shills for the Liberal and NDP parties respectively.

    “Five minutes of exhaustive research showed that Kevin Grandia was a paid Liberal staffer for many years,” said the message. Citing a blog, which in turn cites Sean Holman’s Public Eye site, it noted he worked for Liberal incumbent Raymond Chan as well as the B.C. Liberal Party.

  18. Andrew – what you fail to understand is that this has NOTHING TO DO WITH LANGUAGE!!!!!! Get that through your head. This has to do with Dion’s understanding of economics and his ability to form a response as to what he would do in this current economic situation.

    For you to portray this as a French/English situation is being irresponsible and just a tad partisan.

    So I guess you are saying that it is OK to HIDE the fact that Dion does not understand how to respond to a question as to what he would do when the country is trying to decide who best to lead us through this economic storm.

    The fact that you think it is OK to hide it, makes you and the rest of the MSM who agree it was not right responsible to what we get on Tuesday.

    Maybe you need to watch this video to see just how on top of things your Mr. Dion is.


    Just see how much “help” Mr Dion needs and ask yourself; is THIS what we want to represent our country???

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