BTC: The meaning of Elizabeth May -

BTC: The meaning of Elizabeth May


One of those bearded men was Daniel Breton, an NDP candidate in Quebec touted as a co-founder of the Parti Vert du Quebec. Speaking to reporters afterwards, he was asked about the federal Green Party and offered up an assessment that I scrawled down as, “The only reason people vote Green is because they don’t know what they’re all about.”

This is not an opinion unsupported by popular punditry. But let’s turn the question around.

What is the primary source of support for, and interest in, the Green Party of Canada?

a) Elizabeth May’s singular abilities as a politician
b) General public concern for environmental issues
c) Dissatisfaction with the present state of Canadian politics.

Note, you cannot answer all of above.


BTC: The meaning of Elizabeth May

  1. I think that people are interested in the Greens because there is genuine concern for the environment. Fair enough. The thing that i think is unfortunate is that the party at a core level is only concerned about the environment. To heck with the economy. To heck with low income folk. ETC I know that they have been trying to round out their policies but in the end they are not a party that has a strong foundation in social and economic justice.

    There is a reason that Breton left the Greens and joined the NDP and that is because he understands that you need a strong enviro policy but if you are a serious party that wants to form government you need to have policies that balance the environment with all the other aspects of governing in the 21st century.

  2. C. The more exposure to May and Green Party “policies”, the less votes they will receive. Or so Dion hopes!

  3. Previous post(s) are on the money. Green is great but it won’t work if people can’t heat their homes or put gas in their cars. It is terrible that we have an economy and lifestyle that is completely dependent on ghg producing energy. It will take time and effort to transition us from that reality. Breton clearly gets that Layton and the NDP have environmental policies that will help Canadians to make the change, not penalize them for a situation that they inherited.

  4. jaycee: Cap and trade is going to help us make the change without penalizing us? Uh.. care to explain that one.

    Every party’s plans will impose significant costs on the consumers. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t work. That’s the problem. It’s only those plans that look to give some of those costs back elsewhere that try to avoid penalizing them.

    As for the Green party, it’s a combination of B and C. And they have policies running the gamut, from health care to foreign policy to economic productivity and social welfare. I don’t agree with a good chunk of it, but to say that they only have environmental policies is hogwash.

  5. The Green Party of Canada (like many Green Parties throughout the world) is based on a series of principles that I think appeal to many Canadians. They are:
    Ecological wisdom
    Social justice
    Participatory democracy
    Respect for diversity

    These principles apply to all aspects of their policy from defence to healthcare.

    While some aspects of their platform are a little wonky, they are not the one issue party that you are trying to make out. Shame on you Aaron.

  6. If David Orchard had his own political party…

  7. this iz really stupid!