BTC: The undercard


CBC just aired something of a supplementary debate on the economy. They’re calling it the X-Challenge, but let’s pretend they’re not.

Tonight’s proceedings included Ontario voters in the audience and candidates from the Liberal, Conservative, New Democrat and Green parties on stage. The twist being that the audience was screened to ensure it roughly matched the voting intention of the province at large. And, at the end of 90-minutes, the crowd was polled again to see if they’d at all been persuaded by what they heard and saw.

In the parlance of Jaime’s blog, what follows probably constitutes a spoiler alert.

The standings before, as dictated by Harris-Decima polling:
Conservatives 38, Liberals 33, NDP 17, Green 12

The standings after:
Liberals 52, Conservatives 29, NDP 16, Green 3

Make of this what you will.


BTC: The undercard

  1. They’re calling it the X-Challenge, but let’s pretend they’re not.

    Heh heh.

    …heh heh heh.

    What the hell does that even mean?

  2. Well, I don’t care what it’s called, and I didn’t see it. Too late to spend the time now. But the outcome is certainly interesting.

  3. Yep, too bad for Liberals that Scott Brison isn’t their leader. And that Jim Flaherty is not the Conservative’s.

  4. Unfortunately, they didn’t actually decide to poll that audience before the show. They’re middle-class Ontarian salespeople. I suspect it was highly Liberal both before and after.

    Brison did do quite well, though.

  5. This demonstrates why the Conservatives are running a photo-op, Harper in a fuzzy sweater, muzzle-the-candidates campaign. They don’t want to talk about the issues… more voters may figure out they don’t really have a coherent plan for the country.

  6. The green candidate was so incompetent he couldn’t finish his point in the time allotted.

    The NDP was a complete unknown with little experience in this kind of field.

    The Liberal was one of the better speakers for the party.

    The one thing I would say is that it speaks ill of the Greens and NDP for sending such shoddy speakers to the debate.

  7. Just wanted to say, it was a briliant format, and they should try it again.

  8. This is what tends to happen when the Harper policies are put under a spotlight. Since this election is not about policies but rather personalities, the Tories lead.

  9. The green candidate was so incompetent he couldn’t finish his point in the time allotted.

    Then you surely have never met a competent politician…

  10. Ralph Torrie should be writing energy policy for a government with the stones to implement it. Then he wouldn’t have to make like a politician to try and get someone, anyone to listen.

  11. I thought Chris Charlton did well for the NDP.

    And this was just more confirmation that even Scott Brison would have been a better Liberal leader than Dion.

  12. Mike G, they did, in fact, poll that audience before the debate, that was the whole point. Since Scott Brison has not being dragged through the mud by the Conservative Party and dismissed in the press like Dion (tell people the same thing over and over and eventually they will believe you), the audience was able to actually listen to what the Liberal policies are about. Besides, Flaherty has all the charisma of a cranky gnome.

  13. “X-Challenge”

    I wonder if they took that name from General Motors, X Prize Foundation or combo of both.

  14. They chose Flaherty? Wow… Not their best speaker on the likability front.

  15. Wow! Now if only we can lock every Canadian voter in a room and force them to actually examine the candidates, we might be on to something.

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