BTC: Trivia question to which I’m not sure I have the answer


Was Howard McCurdy, in 1989, the last non-white person to contest the leadership of a major political party in Canada?

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BTC: Trivia question to which I’m not sure I have the answer

  1. Keith Martin is Portuguese. Does that count?

  2. Hedy Fry contested the last Liberal leadership.

  3. Bring on the uncomfortable questions about how we define race in this country!

    (Tony: True on Hedy. Though she didn’t make it to the convention.)

  4. Carole James is “part” Metis… how one can be part Metis I dunno…

  5. Keith Martin is normally referred to (when the subject comes up at all) as Anglo-Indian.

  6. “Bring on the uncomfortable questions about how we define race in this country!”

    Indeed. How non-white does one have to be to be a vizmin?

  7. So THAT’s why he’s so brown! I thought it was just from living in BC…

    I have honestly not been this surprised since I found out Bif Naked was Hindu.

  8. McCurdy appears to be the only non-white person to ever contest the leadership of a major federal party.

  9. Jeesh, Hedy Fry people.

    Sure, we may not like her, but that doesn’t always make people go away.

    Also, Joe Volpe would argue he’s a visible minority…

  10. A race to designate a leadership race’s races.

  11. On the matter of definitions: would a provincial party rank as a “major political party in Canada?” If so, Ujjal Dosanjh counts. His leadership candidacy produced the best campaign button in recent memory: “U!”

  12. Technically, I think Metis with a capital M refers to descendants of a specific mixing of French & Cree in the 17th-century Red River area. They have their own language, music, religion, etc. Other European/first nation mixings didn’t produce an identifiable culture & don’t get an official designation. Eg, my father-in-law is part Metis & part French/Algonquin.

    This being Canada, of course, not everyone will agree with this.

  13. Oh, for the day when we stop: (a) counting skirts after a cabinet shuffle, (b) holding a microscope to anyone’s skin for an estimation of pigment, whether for alleged better or alleged worse, (c) shovelling taxpayer dough in the tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars to of Canadians while expecting the quid pro quo of an ethnic block of votes at the next election, (d) worrying about charges of racism for expressing a preference for the party opposing the party led by a pigmented leader. We shall truly be free at last when a “vizmin” (ugh!) candidate can LOSE a vote and the vizmin-ness had nothing to do with the loss.

    The premise of the question, and the offered-up non-white Canadian politician poster children, show we still have far to go.

  14. Beyond Hedy Fry and Keith Martin, Tony Clement, a greek-cypriot, was the last non-white person to compete for a major party leadership.

    Oh come on folks — we all know what begins at Calais.

    (Joe Volpe too, but was he ever a serious candidate?)

  15. Southern Europeans are non-white now?

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