BTC: ‘We are aware of deficiencies’


The incredibly predictable response: It’s Paul Martin’s fault.

So how now to square what the Prime Minister is saying (“We are aware of deficiencies, and that’s why we’re acting and investing, both putting money [into the system] and looking very carefully at our processes as we go forward”) with the scientists, doctors and analysts who have steadfastly said otherwise?


BTC: ‘We are aware of deficiencies’

  1. Why doesn’t the MSM question or at least do a Reality Check, along with reporting the spin.


    As always.

    Paul martin, MIA for over two years, made the Conservatives take no action on the recommendation AND made them deregulate to make things worse.

    In Harper’s second mandate, how many times will he blame the Liberals? Stay tuned!

  3. If the Libs hadn’t made CFIA an arm of Agriculture rather than Health do you really think they’d wouldn’t be youtubing attack ads against the Tories right now?

  4. The internal report came out in March 2005, the Government Bill was studied by the House Agri Cttee, which released its report in late June 2005 before summer recess, we went into an election campaign at the end of November 2005, the Conservatives were elected in January 2006 and a new Cabinet was sworn in on February 6, 2006, less than one year after the internal report was released.

    And it’s Paul Martin’s fault?

  5. I blame Alexander Mackenzie, myself. The man had no foresight.

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