BTC: Welcome to the two newest members of the Dion Apologists club


We meet every second Wednesday morning beside the dumpster behind the Confederation building.

Susan Riley: “Some will argue that he is simply, belatedly, facing reality. But haven’t Canadians been clamouring for a different kind of political leader, someone decent, honourable — even his rivals concede that Dion is both — someone who prefers idea-driven politics to cynical strategies, personal abuse and simplistic gimmicks? Didn’t we want fresh ideas and a sense of optimism about our future instead of constantly being told what we can’t have, what we dare not do?”

Richard Warnica: “If Dion step downs, if he takes his apple-basket back to Montreal, back to the academic life that earned him so much mockery in the campaign, I hope he doesn’t disappear from public life. I hope he becomes again the fiery critic he was before entering politics. I’d like to see what a Stephane Dion unfettered by political concerns says about Stephen Harper — and about his own party.”

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BTC: Welcome to the two newest members of the Dion Apologists club

  1. Can’t say I disagree with Riley and Warnica. Aaron, you just demonstrated once again why a lot of Canadians hold such disdain for the media and journalists.

  2. “someone who prefers idea-driven politics to cynical strategies, personal abuse and simplistic gimmicks.”

    But that soooo boring for our “journalists” who call the sickening circus going on down South…robust, confrontational, challenging.

    Ever tried to robustly challenge a “journalist?” Lord, the shrill petulance keeps the fillings rattling for days.

  3. Said it before and I’ll say it again. Dion should be the one to dump the LPC and not the other way around. That bunch didn’t deserve him. I hope he leaves Parliament Hill and starts up his own environmental group.

    Imagine, if you will, Dion and Suzuki working hand in hand in terrorizing those climate change deniers?

  4. The big loser of this election was the Canadian people. All Canadian media disgraced itself and if pundits actually had consciences, they would be ashamed of how they plied and still ply their trade. For some reason, an honourable and decent man with a hopeful vision for his country, a country for which he has shown his loyalty to it beyond reproach, was attacked from the opposition in a vicious manner unheard of in this day and age, a lazy and blatantly partisan media (no more crap about the liberal MSM should ever be uttered again), and an obtuse and misguided bite-off-your-own-nose-to-spite-your-face Liberal party. Why so much hate for one person who had the Quixotic notion that Canada could be a richer, greener, and fairer place? It feels like everyone supported the bully because that would ensure that they would not be the target that got picked on next. If the media had any sense of shame (like those pundits who kept saying it was the right policy at the wrong time, regardless of the fact that there hardly ever is a right time to do the right thing and that this was the time) or decency, they would be the ones doing the soul-searching and asking themselves how they had become Tory stenographers. There is an old Chinese saying that I find very apt for the Green Shift: The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, the next best time is now.
    Thanks to gutless CanCon media, there will be no next time until it is too late.

  5. A couple of years ago, at a Liberal leadership debate in Quebec City, Stephane Dion was handing out apples. All the other candidates had buttons and t-shirts and stickers; Dion: apples, a basket full.

    Hallowe’en Alert! Kids, pay attention: Save time. Skip the long walk up to the door at Stornaway.

  6. Susan Riley…ah yes…the lady who plays “Who speaks first” with Kady on the CBC Newsworld Politics talking heads game on Saturday mornings…
    I agree with the general sentiment – Dion isn’t totally an Obama – due to his lack of oratory – but he fits the credentials for honesty and principle well – which is more than I can say for the vast majority of MPs and shadowy back room denizens in the Liberal Party of Canada – and I say that as a Liberal!
    The media has a responsibility to present both sides – but if someone wants to express their opinion about Dion’s future -I’d like to see their name attached to it…heck – I’d be happy to come out from behind this posting name – if they did!

  7. That’s not your real name? Man, the disappointments just won’t stop rolling in this week…

  8. If Dion on leaves then I wouldn’t blame him one bit if he leaves public life altogether to live a happy contemplative life. Canadians deserve every little bit they have coming to them. What the hell, go McCain!!! Lets burn it all.

  9. This is the same Dion who continually called Harper a liar, right?

  10. Dion, will be missed (by me). I’m happy I voted for the guy.

    Yes Dennis, Harper is the guy that said Dion’s Green Shift threatened national unity. Did you forget?

  11. his is the same Dion who continually called Harper a liar, right?

    When Harper stood in the House of Commons and recited a plagiarised speech which contained lies about Iraq?

    I’m sure Dion didn’t call him a liar for that. That would be slanderous.

  12. That’s funny, because I thought Riley was calling Dion a classy guy. Silly me.

  13. When the media will take as much time to investigate and dissect parties and leaders who resort to negative ads opposed to proposing policies that challenge the electorate to think beyond a ‘quick tax cut’, maybe i’ll be proud of my profession again.
    Dion had to fight through a million-dollars blitz of spin and lies, artfully designed to explode on impact. The media, instead of asking why Canadian politics needed such tactics, decided to step back and just film the explosions.
    Instead of spending so much time denigrating someone courageous enough to stand up and challenge the status quo, maybe MsM should do some soul searching. Hopefully, they’ll find one.

  14. Note: Even John Tory refused to call McGuinty a liar, despite having more than good enough reason to do so.

  15. When is it classless to tell the truth?

    I don’t know where this tendency comes from to let public figures assert things we suspect are not true, know are not true, or know that said public figure has no way of knowing, since he or she (or Harper) has not provided any evidence.

    Call them a liar and let them prove they’re not.

  16. Too bad the campaign was not longer. The more I got to know about Dion the I felt he was they type of leader Canada needs.
    We do not need a loud mouth bully like Harper.

  17. With all the love being thrown around here, where is the love for past disposed leaders?
    Oh, right, they weren’t liberals.

  18. “When is it classless to tell the truth?”

    Well – “Hey, Susan, your butt looks fat in that dress” may be considered classless, regardless of the statement’s validity.

  19. The Liberals have lost my vote (whenever they need it again) for the disgraceful, disgusting display we’ve been witness to since Tuesday night.

    How dare these ‘back-room boys’ (and many in the front-room) attack the man they picked to lead them? This is worse than an episode of Survivor!

    But then, my favourite Prime Minister of all time has always been Joe Clark.

  20. With in a couple of years we will have another election. When it comes which leader will we want, the one that lead us into a recession or one that had another plan

  21. What gets me is this semi-veiled accusation of anti-francophone bias:

    “I guess we forgot to mention an important caveat: no accent.”

    Sorry, but I’ve always understood that a leader has to accede to his followers, not the other way around. People from the West had no problems with Jean Chretien as PM, in spite of his heavy accent, because he knew how to use the language. Dion doesn’t seem to have that flexibility.

  22. If you support Dion send him an email and ask him not to step down. I did

  23. Stéphane should team up with May and Suzuki. I bet even Québec may get on board. F the Libs as they appear to be nothing more than a bunch of back-stabbing power-hungry opportunists.

  24. RE: KRT’s comment on Oct. 17 @ 4:55 pm

    very well put, by the way, very well put.

    bonsoir tout le monde …

  25. After the mind-numbing mass of public opinion polls we faced over the last 35-odd days, I sure would like to see one that would actually tell us something valuable.

    I want to know if most voters actually had any understanding of the Green Shift. Were the unbalanced “tax on everything” claims effective, or did Canadians really know what it was all about and still decide that it was too risky for the economy?

    Won’t someone in the media commission a survey that could tell us this?

  26. Dave:

    I think most voters had an understanding of the “Green Shift” – it was only opposing parties repeatedly telling us it was “incomprehensible” that got the headlines. If voters had gone to the trouble of researching it, or if the media had actually reported fairly on it (something we’d ordinarily expect them to do), then there would have been nothing “incomprehensible” there.

    The media and the Conservatives sunk Dion using deception, mendacity and misrepresentation. I am not a usual Liberal supporter, and didn’t vote Liberal in this election, but I think we should all stop and take a hot shower. What happened here stinks.

    And make no mistake, we’re in for more of the same.

  27. pathetic.

    just a pathetic display from either clueless or delusional weasels.

    It is almost insane to argue for anything other than Dion’s immediate ouster. These two and that nonsense hate-Volpe Facebook group just make it clear the Libs have been attracting their fair share or more of the not-so-bright portion of the population.

  28. Actually, Mr. Tripper, the Cons have the not-so-bright, including the media, sewn up in their back pocket. They even get them to vote against their own self-interest and of their families.
    Does that mean you are a fan of Volpe?

  29. Actually, Mr. Tripper, the Cons have the not-so-bright, including the media, sewn up in their back pocket…

    …Don’t forget the bilious.

    I had hoped that the biliousness of Conservatives would have abated since the 2006 election, but it gets worth, year after year.

  30. Ti-Guy, I would have hoped, actually I believed, that Canadians would have turned away from such biliousness and hate. It will get worse because it turns out that that is the kind of leadership pundits and the conservative MSM are seeking, and they will keep cheerleading and admiring such venal strategies and attitudes.
    I believe that the Libs are damaging themselves far more since the election as they trash about like so many sharks in the water, not realizing that they are tearing themselves apart, almost irreparably so. Once Mr. Dion, an altoghether admirable and courageaous man leaves (and joins the Greens! Hope Hope!), our household will be ceasing our financial support and voiding our Lib memberships. I am a Dion Liberal and proud of it. The name-calling and hate from the Cons only validates my belief in basic decency and honour.

  31. It’s interesting that the point was never raised that a carbon tax would be less cyclical than income taxes, helping government have predictable, robust budgeting, and not huge swings like we’ve seen during the ’90s, or our upcoming deficits.

    It makes me sad that we are borrowing money to finance a cut to GST. How ridiculous.

  32. I believe that the Libs are damaging themselves far more since the election as they trash about like so many sharks in the water, not realizing that they are tearing themselves apart, almost irreparably so.

    This is just the window of opportunity for all the bitter mediocrities (I caught the inarticulate Jim Karygiannis blithering on on The Current on Friday) to sound off (mostly anonymously), which the media dutifully reports, because that’s easier than actual journalism.

    The “journalists” are going to be a problem for sensible politics no matter what party you support (except for the Conservatives…for now) until the rest of us do something about it. Obviously, the politicians can’t/won’t fight back.

  33. Ti-Guy, you are right about the “journalists” being the problem for sensible politics. They neither ask the probing questions nor do their homework. They set upon the narrative and make sure it is cast in concrete. Politicians will fight back (if only for their own self-interest, nevermind the greater good), but now that fight will be done without integrity, sincerety and decency, because this election has proven that those qualities are liabilities in our political reality and mutually exclusive of leadership.

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