BTC: When there’s nothing left to burn


Bulletin, just now, from the Conservative war room entitled Economist vs. Socialist Sociologist: “Who should Canadians trust to reassure the markets, protect their savings and investments, and see Canada through a period of global economic uncertainty? Prime Minister Harper has a graduate degree in economics; Stéphane Dion is a European-trained professor of sociology.”

European?! He’s one of those people?

In other news, Canada and European Union in trade talks


BTC: When there’s nothing left to burn

  1. You stole Wells’ Stars reference.

  2. Are they aware that Sociologist =/= Socialist?

    In all cases, at least?

  3. Jeebus. Saying “sociology=socialist” doesn’t even pass the laugh test, especially when the man is more of a political scientist than anything else.

    And how is Harper an “economist” anyway? He’s never worked professionally as an economist, and just has a Masters’ in the subject. Certainly that’s an achievement, but not necessarily one that gives you carte blanche to speak for the profession.

  4. *sigh*

    He’s a damn commie now?

    And, Harper lost any credible he might have had as an economist when he sold out his principles on GST to get elected.

  5. “Jeebus. Saying “sociology=socialist” doesn’t even pass the laugh test”

    I don’t even want to know what they’d turn “pediatrician” into.

  6. Yeah a master’s degree in economics from the University of Calgary, lol. I would be more inclined to trust someone with an M.A. earned online from the University of Phoenix.

  7. Interesting that they included “European-trained” for Dion’s degree but didn’t mention where Harper was educated.

  8. Correction. The release says Economist v. Sociologist.

    My mistake. Apologies.

  9. Yup, to cast “European Sociologist” as some sort of aspersion is as stupid as casting “American Republican” as some sort of — oh wait…

  10. Well, not quite. Republicans tend to share one of a fairly small number of worldviews. I don’t think it is quite so easy to paint sociologists with the same brush.

  11. Speaking of getting burned, anyone at Blog Central going to mention Liz May refusing to play Duffy’s little games?

  12. She definitley called shenanigans on him.

  13. Why don’t the Conservative just put me in a hammerlock, pry open my jaws and just shove the press release down my throat while yelling “Swallow this, you stupid Canadian…SWALLOW IT!”

    I’d find it refreshingly candid, quite frankly.

  14. What happened with May/Duffy?

  15. Jeepers. One link to YouTube and it’s off to moderation with my comment.

    Would that Macleans’s implementation of WordPress were that sophisticated with regard to sock-puppetting.

  16. Hey Andrew : actuall it’s one of 3 brushes – structuralist, Functionalist or structural functionalist.

  17. My ouija board does not tell me who would be best in the future but I do know that things have gotten much worse while under the economist’s last 2 years.
    Given his track record has been bad can one expect him to perform better in the future?

  18. Andrew: with apologies to the Macleans folks.. if you click on the link to my website, you’ll see May taking Duffy to task for being a Conservative shill. There’ll be a link to another blog explaining what Duffy’s preamble was that so infuriated May, and caused her to take him to the woodshed.

  19. My comment (still in moderation) provided a link to the May/Duffy clip on YouTube.

    Scott: She didn’t accuse Duffy of being shill. She accused him of journalistic malpractice. And good for her.

  20. Just google May/Duffy. It wasn’t a dust-up. It was a smack-down. And it wasn’t his earlobe he was tugging when he went off air.

  21. “Who should Canadians trust to reassure the markets, protect their savings and investments, and see Canada through a period of global economic uncertainty? Prime Minister Harper has a graduate degree in economics…”

    And three weeks ago, he drew on that economic background and said, “My own belief is if we were going to have some kind of crash or recession, we probably would have had it by now, a year into the crisis.”

    If you can’t trust the leadership of such a wise, forward-thinking economist, who can you trust?

  22. Ti-Guy: same thing as far as I’m concerned. If you click on John Waugh’s link, you’ll see in his preamble he was basically being all pro-Peter Mackay; the Tory war room couldn’t have done a better job apparently.

  23. European?! He’s one of those people?

    ya yuh know – even worse …. He speaks FRENCH

    (just like John Kerry)

  24. I guess the Conservatives forgot to properly translate the Republican playbook for the Canadian political environment. Last time I checked, a partially European-based education and being able to speak more than one language aren’t considered political liabilities in Canada. The U.S. maybe…

  25. I didn’t know Dion received a degree in Europe. He really is the bogey man.

    Under a Dion government, he might enable EVERYONE to get a…. get a…


    Say it isn’t so, Stephane? It all starts with an education… then, next thing you know, people are hooked on galas, opera, JAZZ(!!!) and eating babies.

  26. No, no, no, Dije.. the eating babies is a Harper thing.

  27. Who are these people commenting on the lack of integrity or intelligence of our Prime Minister. I would guess that you are as STUPID as those who dropped their work boots on the Finance Ministers campaign office.If those autoworkers are so upset they should take their beef to the Premier’s office. You have no idea of the global circumstances that affect our country. What is the alternative to Harper, lies, promises more lies and more promises from politicians who don’t know the difference between shit and shoe polish. Vote in anger at your own peril.

  28. Bakin is an elitist! You used circumstance and peril in the same paragraph, while correctly using ‘affect.’

    You are so European educated I bet…

  29. It’s funny. Personally, I’d take a doctorate from Sciences Po over an M.A. from Calgary any day, but I notice that the Cons are harping on Dion’s graduate work in Paris, but somehow fail to mention his work as a visiting scholar at the Brookings Institution in Washington. Or his time as co-editor of the Canadian Journal of Political Science. Or his work as a research fellow at the Canadian Centre for Management Development. Or as a professor of public administration and organizational analysis and theory at the Université de Montréal.

    Meanwhile, Harper… has an M.A. in economics. And he used to be a lobbyist. Oh, and I think he once worked in the mail room of Imperial Oil, so he must be an energy expert too.

    Call me an elitist, but if we’re gonna start comparing resumes, Dion wins hands down.

    And, as has been pointed out, an M.A. in economics doesn’t make you an economist. Get a job as an economist, and I’ll call you an economist. Hell, get a job TEACHING economics and I’ll call you an economist. Until then, you’re just a guy who did a degree in economics.

  30. Tim Hortons has better babies than Starbucks.

  31. BAKIN- “You have no idea of the global circumstances that affect our country.”
    Who are you addressing? All of us who have commented? Specific people? How do you have any idea at all what we do or don’t know about global circumstances? Having a different opinion than yours doesn’t make people “STUPID.” In fact people having different opinions and discussing them openly is a key to a little something called “democracy.” Questioning our leaders is also part of a democracy. Collectively calling people “stupid” isn’t fantastically productive I’m affraid.
    As for the auto workers- I think you should go and tell them your opinion in person (and don’t forget to let them know how stupid you think they are) I’m sure they’ll appreciate your frankness.

  32. Stephen Harper is about to negotiate a FREE TRADE AGREEMENT with those Europeans?
    Heavens…why aren’t we talking about this in the campaign?
    Is it in his Platform…?
    Will they make us conform to their Global Warming Plans?
    Inquiring minds etc.

  33. I don’t understand why the CPC war room uses this stuff and ignores Dion’s 600K outstanding leadership debt that he seems unable to pay off.

    Do we want to trust our economy, and a $200 BILLION dollar operation, to a guy who can’t even pay back $600 THOUSAND on time???

    Where is the CPC war room on this? The attack ad almost writes itself.

  34. I think that’s because there was an article prior to the writ drop that suggested that Dion had whittled his debt down quite a bit over the summer… not sure if it was all gone or not.

  35. No, let’s ignore the so-called leader who whittled down a $3-BILLION

  36. … contingency fund before finishing his egg mcmuppet.
    And who paid for Harper’s leadership bid anyways? Where was Karlheiz? Judging by Harper’s credentials and actual results, I’d think it was Col. Klink.

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