BTC: X-Challenge Part Two


The second debate of CBC’s unfortunately named experiment was broadcast tonight, this time on the environment

The standings going in:
Conservative 40, NDP 26, Liberal 20, Green 14

The standings 90 minutes later:
Green 47, Conservative 21, Liberal 19, NDP 13

Make of this what you will.


BTC: X-Challenge Part Two

  1. Talk about an X-factor! Now’s the time to invest in Schwinn and Flying Pidgeon stock…
    Does that make Blair Wilson finance minister?
    (a sudden shudder rises from the home of his father-in-law)

  2. I think you have to call that a win for the Liberals since most of that Green support would gravitate towards the Libs in a real vote(similar enviro platforms and whatnot).

    Certainly another pasting for the Cons anyway.

  3. Oop, I jumped the gun. My X-Challenge criticism is over here.

  4. It just proves that people who would spend the day at a TV studio in Downtown Toronto are wishy-washy.

  5. I think it was shot in Vancouver.

  6. Vancouver? That seals it then.

  7. I think the more interesting thing is the plunge in NDP support once people get to hear more about it. The show was essentially a recreation of the Vancouver Centre race with Ujjal Dosanjh in place instead of Hedy Fry and it’s interesting that, when in a position where he’s being challenged, voters find Michael Byers lacking.

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