BTC: You stay classy, Canadian politics


First sentence from a Liberal press release that just arrived.

“The Conservative Party today released a website with a puffin defecating on Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion.”

Update. And, rather quickly, the puffin flies away.


BTC: You stay classy, Canadian politics

  1. Out here on the west coast that is considered a sign of good luck! Now this is funny!

  2. Cyberpresse has just announced that the Conservatives have pulled the ad.

  3. K… that is funny.

  4. Another evil reptilian kitten-eater moment?

  5. Typical lack of class on the Cons. part. It reminds me of the 2004 “Paul Martin supports child porn” release or the 1993 ad that distorted Chretien’s mouth.

    I knew the warm and fuzzy sweater wearing “Harper’s a real nice guy” ad stuff wouldn’t last.. but I didn’t think even for this lot they’d revert back to form so quickly.

  6. stribe: Unelected senators. Promise lasted all of 1 day.

    This is just sticking to form.

  7. Harper’s really decisive isn’t he? The website has been cheap, trashy, immature for 2-1/2 years and now he apologizes? Oh it’s not about VOTES is it?

    Sigh…..Harper is such a jerk

  8. Harper mentioned that he thought this campaign would have a lot of nasty, personal attacks. He didn’t mention that most of them were going to be coming from the Conservatives.

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