BTC: Your government talking points


On whether Elizabeth May should now be included in the leadership debates.

“Our view is that there should only be one Liberal candidate in the leaders’ debate. We have an electoral agreement between Mr. Dion and Ms. May, an agreement for co-operation, and she has personally stated that he is her choice for prime minister. So Mr. Dion must stand on his own in the debates. Either Ms. May is in the debate or Mr. Dion is in the debate. But they can’t have both.”


BTC: Your government talking points

  1. …at which point a recalcitrant Elizabeth May, playing Ruth Buzzi’s character Gladys Ormphby, jumped from the bushes and did administer a few blows with flying handbag to Kory Teneycke, playing Artie Johnston’s character Tyrone.

  2. Does that mean it’s either Stephen Harper or Jack “the Video Professor” Layton on the other side?

  3. Heh. Is it too much to hope that the other leaders just go “Fine. We’ll have our debate without you.”

    Who’s the TV consortium gonna choose for a debate? The lone prime minister, or four party leaders?

  4. HAHA, good shot by Teneycke ! Bring the debate about the debate around to the Red-Green coalition, as exemplified by the agreement in Central Nova.

  5. Couldn’t Harper make up his own talking point on May? Why did he have to plageriarize Layton’s? If they are only going to have a single talking point, then obviously we only need one of Harper and Layton in the debates.

  6. What did the PC’s say when the Reform Party got it’s first MP, that they shouldn’t be allowed in the debates because only one centre-right party is allowed?

  7. Will: Considering that the real PC’s were eliminated by Peter McKay, I’m not sure it really matters what they said.

  8. Do the Conservatives really want to start shouting from the rooftops that the Greens and the Liberals are interchangeable? A substantial amount of Canadians voted Green last election and if they start to realize that they could vote for a ‘green’ party AND have their vote put someone into office that could spell trouble for the conservatives in some close ridings. At least I hope so….

  9. Jesse makes and interesting point.

    Surely the Tories would want the “there’s no difference between the Liberals and the Greens” mantra to make Liberal voters move to the Greens. But what if it makes Green voters move to the Liberals? For all Harper et al.’s mocking of Dion, he’s a more impressive leader than Elizabeth May! And certainly in most ridings the Liberals have a better chance of winning the riding than the Greens, so the “don’t waste your vote” argument comes in to play for the Libs.

    It seems to me Dion’s whole strategy is to make the Liberal party more palatable to Green voters. One can question the wisdom of that strategy, but given that it does seem to be his strategy, I’m not sure it’s smart to play into it!

  10. So, why are these two he-men so afraid of a woman?

  11. Has a Conservative said anything in the last week that makes any sense?

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