Michael Ignatieff talks to the other Hour.

When he was a kid, his diplomat father sent 11-year-old Michael back to Toronto in 1959 to attend Canada’s most prestigious English-speaking private school, Upper Canada College. I ask Ignatieff if he was ever bullied at school.

“I remember bullies and I’m very hot-tempered, so I know how to defend myself,” Ignatieff replies. When asked to elaborate, Ignatieff will only say, “I hate bullies. I hate bullies in politics, I hate bullies in life. I don’t mind being argued with, I don’t mind being contradicted. But I hate bullies. It’s a red line for me. I absolutely hate being pushed around.”



  1. I forget where i read it, but didn’t he say he was a bully himself at UCC? Especially to his brother? Not that it’s necessarily a contradiction.

    • I think you’re looking for the piece that the G&M did on him back in ’06 – I think it was something along the lines of ‘Being Michael Ignatieff’…can’t remember exactly though it was a long piece.

      • It was in Michael Valpy’s first hagiography to Iggy. Apparently he and the other upper classmen tormented the younger Iggy (Andrew) no end.

  2. What would you expect Iggy to say?

    “I like getting pushed around. Bullies are fine by me, especially in politics. I won’t try and defend myself, I’ll just take it lying down and hope for some sympathy from the bystanders.”

    Michael Ignatieff: not a Stephane Dion.

    • But he doesn’t look angry in these photos. He looks…painfully self-aware, which is rare enough, I suppose.

  3. I’m just curious El Eff, could you expand on the glorious record you envy?

  4. I think the record el kabong is talking about is ‘Take the Heat Off Me’ by boney M… maybe john howard’s in the recording studio as we speak dubbing something for st stephen?

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