Burning question at APEC: Who is hotter?

Front page of a Manila newspaper notes arrival of ‘APEC hotties’ — that is, Justin Trudeau and Enrique Pena Nieto


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Who’s sexier: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau or Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto?

That was the burning question asked on the front page of a Manila newspaper Wednesday morning as the first day of the Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation leaders’ summit opened.

A pair of large photos of the two leaders filled the top half of the Philippine Daily Inquirer broadsheet.

The caption said: “Ladies choice: Are you with Team Nieto or Team Trudeau?”

The newspaper said that the two leaders have been described in reports as “Apec Hotties.”

An accompanying story that described the arrival of the 21 APEC leaders on Tuesday said employees and staff of the country’s Bureau of Immigration and members of local media tried to get selfies with the prime minister after he landed.


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Burning question at APEC: Who is hotter?

  1. This is so embarrassing. At one time you had respectable organizations writing about Canada’s strong stand in the world, and successes as economic performance.

    Now……our PM has a cut out doll of his own, and he will soon be appearing in “Vogue” for a photo-shoot he did in parliament.

    That being said, I do think out guy beats the Mexican dude who looks like he was a hairdresser or makeup artist at one point in his life. How far we have fallen….oi vey !!

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