But how is the vote distributed in rural counties in West Virginia, Commander Bond?


In the new Quantum of Solace trailer, we see that Bond and M have managed to get their hands on John King’s CNN touch-screen computer. Hijinx ensue.


But how is the vote distributed in rural counties in West Virginia, Commander Bond?

  1. I can’t find anywhere else to fit this in so I’ll do it here. For an oh-so-rare piece of reporting on “substance” I’d recommend a couple of items from Mitch Potter in today’s Star.
    It’s ok, Chuckies. It’s on line. You won’t have to soil your fingers.

  2. Mitch is always excellent. Alternatively, you could read any of the last three issues of Maclean’s, where many of us, especially Geddes and Coyne, have been doing our very best work.

    Or you could hang out on the blogs decrying the less substantive blog postings while having nothing whatsoever of substance to add to any policy discussion anywhere at any point.

  3. It’s good to have options.

  4. I hate the trailers that give you enough to figure out the entire plot. That one you linked to was a good example. I mean, its a Bond movie so we know the plot already, why give us every bloody detail in the trailer?

  5. it’s

  6. It (1966):

    “After one of their store houses burnt down, museum director Groof and his assistant Pimm find everything destroyed – only one statue withstood the fire mysteriously undamaged. Suddenly Groof is lying dead on the ground – killed by the statue? Pimm finds out that the cursed statue has been created by Rabbi Loew in 16th century and will withstand every human attempt to destroy it. Pimm decides to use it to his own advantage…”

    It–the Grammarian’s Revenge – Andrew Potter(2008)

    Trailer here:


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