‘But … nothing!’


Glen Pearson returns from Africa with a challenge for pretty much everyone.

Here’s my call to Peter MacKay, Beverly Oda and, yes, the Prime Minister himself. While many of the problems of Darfur lie outside of our scope of intervention as Canadians, the emergence of these refugees from eastern Darfur present an opportunity to literally save thousands of lives. Can we work together on this? Currently, the United Nations and the International Organization of Migration are preparing a small budget for me to present to Parliament in a few weeks. Will you, Prime Minister, work with me, other parliamentarians, and those people who have come to Darfur and walked away with a desire to actually “do something,” and commit to providing the clean water, schooling and desperately needed medical care for these thousands of families?  In a time when we are supposedly showing a willingness to work together for the sake of the upcoming budget, will you please put that good will to action?  And will members of the media monitor this and investigate what kind of response is forthcoming, if any?

This should be fairly interesting.

On a side note, more MPs should have blogs.


‘But … nothing!’

  1. I find it, um, interesting, that nobody commented over there, and nobody commented over here. How much money are we talking about? Is it, for example, more or less than we blew/invested on Nortel? How much goodwill would be gained, from either the people involved or others who, at this point, must be thinking, “Oh yes. The Canadians. They talk a good game, but never do anything on any file–human rights, environment, it’s all just talk.”

    How much cheaper is this opportunity, compared to the next one, to actually make a difference? You know, because Australia or Lithuania or somebody might take this good deal, and we’d be stuck with the much more expensive next crisis.

  2. If I may suggest a small correction, “…more MPs like Glen Pearson should have blogs.”

    But I guess if that were the case, we would first need more MPs like Glen Pearson.

  3. Absolutely no doubt about it, we need many more MPs like Glen Pearson. For once in a loooong time, I was proud to vote for him