But with the wind chill it’s…


Just what we need: a precise measure of regional resentment.

A newly devised “Canadian Grievance Index” — which quantifies the level of griping about the federal government by people across the country — shows British Columbians are currently the nation’s most aggrieved citizens while Ontarians are most satisfied that Confederation is functioning fairly.

Way to go, BC! The acme of acrimony! The peak o’ the piqued! Says the whinometer’s inventor:

“Federalism is like a marriage,” he said. “Some people don’t like the concept of grievance, and just see it as complaining. But another way of looking at it is provinces articulating their concerns and needs.”

Or in other words, complaining.

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But with the wind chill it’s…

  1. No fair– Ontario has the largest population, so Ontario should be highest on the grievance index! Western favouritism!

    • LOL, not a bad point.

      With B.C. at 27% aggrieved and Ontario at 14% aggrieved, that means there's more than 500,000 more ticked off Ontarians than their are ticked off British Columbians!

      I'm also not sure this has much to do with a province's level of "complaining" as Mr. Coyne suggests. The people of B.C. may be less satisfied than those in other provinces, but I'll need more than this poll to convince me that the people of any of the other provinces COMPLAIN as much as Quebec and Alberta do.

      • Or complain per capita anyway. Also, I suspect that even though this is a survey of attitudes toward the federal gov, BCians feel more aggrieved toward their provincial gov than other Canadians do– Olympic costs etc.– and that this is manifesting itself as being po'd at "the government" in general.

  2. Maybe if BC took better care of herself, did something about those sagging mountains and her flaky new-age friends, we'd pay more attention to her.

  3. What's that? BC-ers are piquing their acne, or something like that? They should really use Clearasil.

  4. BC should at least agree to reduce the intensity of its grievances.

  5. I wish to register a grievance. Lumping Newfoundlanders in with the rest of Atlantic Canada undermines this whole study. We'd beat everybody, BC included, if you'd just stop watering down our grievances with those goody two shoes Maritimers next door.

    • Brilliant! LOL!

  6. You're only unimpressed with the idea because you're an Ontarian, of course.

    Also, BC is less satisfied with Confederation than Quebec? That's a new one.

    • Indeed. I'm in the process of writing up an academic paper on Canadian Federalism, the research that I've got would suggest that more people in every single province feel like they're getting the short end of the federalist stick than feel the feds are the fairest of them all.

      But the nature of research is that you can ask a thousand questions and get a thousand responses, and none of them align. So…whatever.

    • He may live in Ontario, but I think a man born in Winnipeg may well be aggrieved to be referred to so casually as an Ontarian.

      • And here I thought he'd be delighted at being elevated to an "Ontarian" so easily…

  7. Well… I think you're all somewhat on the right track; but I think these results demonstrate that satisfaction is a function of distance from Ottawa. It doesn't seem to matter if you're on the right side of Ottawa or the left. Funny how that works.

    • Following up on the maerose hypothesis, it would appear that the dissatisfaction rises faster to the East than the West. However, if you normalize the data (by adjusting for the fact that the Pacific Ocean is further from Ottawa than the Atlantic) then the data falls pretty close to a straight line.

  8. you're aggrieved? Once again Saskatchewan is part of Saskitoba, or is that Manitobchewan

    • Its definitely Manitobchewan

  9. And journalists (and pollsters) that peddle this kind of non-story wonder why the national media is imploding and bleeding money. Oooooo… 27 percent of B.C.'ers are "very aggrieved" while in Ont. only 14% are. Big freakin' deal.

  10. Quit complaining BC!! That's reserved for Quebec, and Ottawa Daddy Boy's like Mr. Coyne – he likes Ottawa, the CBC, and the Queen – you are ruining his vision of Canada.

  11. To be a useful measure of disatisfaction with confederation we need to adjust for other indicators of happiness such as per capita income or we might just be measuring regional economic disparity.

    In other words, Alberta wants in!

  12. Exactly what is the point of this index? Does it help any level of government to address specific grievances, or does it simply suggest that politicians may want to exercise more discretion in where they travel?

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