Buying opportunities continue to abound


Forecasting the challenging year ahead, Conservative MP Jeff Watson manages to sound positively Bushian (or McGuintian, if you rather).

Watson said that caring community attitude is what will bring us through this difficult time. “We have to avoid ‘me thinking’ and start ‘we thinking’,” Watson said. “Community has to be that much more important.”

He encourages people to look in on their neighbours and make personal economic decisions in a “human way” to help stimulate the economy. “If you’re planning a renovation, now’s the time to do it. Purchase that new vehicle,” he said. “We have to do our own individual part.”


Buying opportunities continue to abound

  1. Jeff Watson, MP — 150,000 annual salary — encouraging people to “care”.

    I wonder if he’s freelancing or this is PMO talking points in action. More importantly, I think he should tell us how he’s spending his 3,000/week salary.

  2. And everything is on ‘sale’ with the stimulative 2% reduction in GST!

    And those of you unfortunate to be on EI have lotsa time to ferret out those bargains.

    Thanks Steve and Jim, we’re so grateful…really!

  3. I am completely mystified as to how this constitutes ‘news,’ or ‘opinion,’ even for a blog. Wherry’s perpetual audition for an LPC Communications post and/or a Toronto Star column continues apace.

  4. Would we prefer MPs to tell us not to care?

    If Watson farts, is that worthy of mention in MacLeans too?

  5. Just as worrying is Mr Watson’s bizarre notion that it would be a caring act to go and purchase a vehicle. I juts can’t get my head around this at all. And who should I be lavishing my generosity on ?

    Should I buy a Toyota made in Cambridge, a Honda made in Alliston, a Ford from Oakville or maybe a Chev made in Detroit or a Saturn made in Tenessee?

    Maybe I should be helping out some poor benighted Korean car worker and buy a Hyundai, or are they made in Quebec with parts from Magna in Ontario. I have always fancied a BMW, and I am sure that the Turkish migrant worker in Munich will thank me for that.

    There again, i could leave my money in the bank, and let them use it to invest in a new start-up business that will grow to employ hundreds or thousands.

    Or go to Woodbine, feed it all into the slots so that the Ontario Lottery Corporation can use it (after they have left some money to employ the casino staff) to support a worthy cause.

    Confused? I am. But this is what passes for economic theory these days.

  6. How do we know for sure that he meant “we thinking”? Maybe he meant “wee thinking”… Did you ever consider that? Hmmm?

    Speaking of which, I gotta go…