Byelection day -

Byelection day


It’s voting day in Calgary Centre, Durham and Victoria. Information for voters is here. Previous results are here, here and here.

Polls close at 9:30 p.m. EST in Calgary Centre and Durham and 10pm EST in Victoria. We’ll have live coverage here tonight starting around 9 p.m.


Byelection day

  1. Don’t vote Crockatt, Calgary, whatever you do because I don’t think she even knows what job is. MPs have nothing to do with Canadians getting passports and if you lose you passport on holiday then you go to local consulate and not rely on your know-nothing MPs to help. Or maybe Crockatt thinks she is action hero who can save all her constituents from bad things.

    Does Crockatt believe that some Canadians are more equal than others?

    • Passports are all my Conservative MP does.

      • Citizenship and passport issues are different to me. New citizens, immigrants have trouble with passports but long standing Canadians should not even have to talk to their MP. My partner just renewed her passport and it took three days without an MPs help and if she looses it on vacation, she is supposed to report that loss to local police and consulate where they will issue temp passport. My local MP has nothing at all to do with actual passport.

        • Tony, you’re making the mistake of taking the Wherry-Talking-Point-Troll crowd seriously. These people have nothing constructive to add to a discussion.

          • My Conservative MP advertises meetings on passports, gets space for the meetings (not always his office), holds classes and gives out info on getting a passport, helps people fill it in and get the necessary information, checks over completed applications, then drives the passports to Ottawa with him and submits them to the passport office there so they will be handled faster. And that’s constructive!

    • I can tell you right now that almost nobody in Calgary is voting for Crockatt.

      That doesn’t mean she won’t win though.. she’s running under the CPC brand, and for a lot of folks down here that’s all that matters, unfortunately.

  2. I guess there won’t be any misleading robo-calls this time? They don’t have the gall do they?

    • If I were them, I wouldn’t risk it with only those three seats at stake.