Byelection brouhaha: The final numbers

The by-election results with changes from the 2011 election in brackets

Conservatives 50.7 (-3.9)
NDP 26.3 (+5.2)
Liberals 17.3 (-0.6)
Greens 4.1 (-1.3)

Calgary Centre
Conservatives 36.9 (-20.8)
Liberals 32.7 (+15.2)
Greens 25.6 (+15.7)
NDP 3.8 (-11.1)

NDP 37.2 (-13.6)
Greens 34.3 (+22.7)
Conservatives 14.4 (-9.2)
Liberals 13.1 (-0.9)

Overall, the Conservatives won the night, but lost a chunk of their vote share in the process.

Conservatives 32.9 (-11.4)
NDP 24.4 (-5.6)
Greens 21.7 (+12.7)
Liberals 19.9 (+3.5)

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Byelection brouhaha: The final numbers

  1. Since Wherry likes to dig up old stuff for further comparison, it would be nice if he could dig up some by-election results when the Liberals were in power, say about 10-15 years ago, and to let us have a look at what was being said then. Just for comparison, you know. To set things into the right context.

    • If you back aways, I think there’s a lot of analysis around the time the CPC started it’s “Government always loses byelections” bit.

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