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C-279 passes the House

The transgendered rights bill goes to the Senate


C-279, the transgendered rights bill, has passed the House of Commons with amendments by a vote of 149-137.

Randall Garrison’s bill was supported by the New Democrats, the majority of Liberals (Judy Sgro and John McKay abstained), the Bloc Quebecois, Bruce Hyer, Elizabeth May and, by my unofficial count, 17 Conservative MPs: Erin O’Toole, Bernard Trottier, Terrence Young, David Wilks, Laurie Hawn, Michael Chong, Chris Alexander, Shelly Glover, Kellie Leitch, Cathy McLeod, Deepak Obhrai, Gerald Keddy, Jim Flaherty, John Baird, James Moore, Lisa Raitt and John Duncan.

Mr. Garrison has released the following statement.

Today, New Democrats are proud to have contributed to ensuring equal protection under the law from discrimination and hatred based on gender identity.

We are happy there was all party support for formal protection of Transsexual, Transgender, and Gender Variant Canadians’ rights under the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code with Bill C-279.

We need to recognize the work of the many people and organizations across the country who worked hard to advance this important issue.

Our efforts represent a huge step forward but there is still much work to be done to ensure equal access for Trans Canadians to simple services like health care, housing, and jobs. Transgender and Transsexual citizens are among the most marginalized and are too often victims of harassment and acts of violence.

We must continue to act on this important issue and, now that the bill has passed through the House of Commons, we urge the Senate to move quickly to guarantee the same rights and protections for Transsexual, Transgender, and Gender Variant Canadians that all of us enjoy.

Update 10:30pm. The Canadian Press counts 16 Conservative MPs who supported the bill. I’m not sure how to account for the discrepancy. I’ll consult the official roll call in the morning to double-check my tally.

Update 9:55am. The official tally makes it 18 Conservatives. Somehow I missed Bruce Stanton.


C-279 passes the House

  1. interesting how Garrison lied all the way thru – talking transgender but refused to put that term in the law. Deception runs deep in this matter. perhaps the Senate will see through this.
    And some Conservatives who sent out emails saying they would oppose the bill lied too and supported it.

    • What are you afraid of?

      • That ….blush….someone might see his weenie weenie.

        • Im sure you have seen more than a few

    • Human rights classes are category-neutral, so “race” doesn’t favour any particular race. Gender identity includes trans and non-trans persons — i.e. you have a gender identity, you were just lucky enough that it’s consistent with the sex you were assigned and never had to think much about it.

  2. Congrats to the NDP, quite an achievement.

    • Its about all they have done lately

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    • Hear hear, brother! Never let those preverts anywhere near your precious bodily fluids!

    • better watch out Asshole your comments WILL be considered hate speech soon!!!

      • Am I the only one who sees the contradiction between the name you decided to call this person while you accused them of hate speech?

        • ,,No

      • hate speech?…enough of your Socialist bigots rants…I was once called a “counter-revolutionary” in China…and I now, I am of the “hate speakers”…same socialism, never changes…No body like me, and I don’t care. Down with Socialism, Down with NDP.

      • Racist!!!

    • Boys and men have been in women’s washrooms since public washrooms were invented. Girls and women have been in men’s washrooms for the same amount of time.

      What….you thought clothes were actually an indication of gender??

    • As the world becomes more loving and less judgmental, indeed as the world inches closer to the example set by Christ, you feel less and less a part of it. I am truly sorry for your sad dilemma.

    • You got my support, Sir! CANADA is fallen away…and we will never be the same; within 30 years, just mark my word, we will be an Anti-Christian Third World Country!

      • An Islamic fundamentalist state. Just like France will become within the next 10 years.

        • I assume you would support an Islamic fundamentalist state…. you & they would agree on the transgendered rights issue.

  4. It is hard to think of a more unCanadian act than actively denying anyone equal treatment. Shame on each and every MP who voted against this bill.

  5. this gives a man, who thinks he is a woman, the right to enter a woman’s bathroom and do whatever he wants. he cannot be stopped.

    • Unlike now…or say, anytime in the past century?

      • Atheists are MURDERERS, we will never forget what they did in Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, China, and North Korea…if you love atheism, then you should go to North Korea…and leave us alone.

        • This is your last reply, pal.

          Stalin was a seminary student. Hitler was a devout catholic and hated atheists. Mao was Buddhist. I have no idea what the leader of North Korea is. Like all dictators he probably claims gods as his ancestors.

          Now, good-night.

          • Atheists will not admit their WRONGS! That is a FACT! They love to distort history to prove their just, I have seen it enough in China.

            You don’t want to debate with me; is because the light has shined over you, and you are exposed to the light. You hate the light because your deeds were evil. REPENT of your sins before its too late!

          • I suggest a book to you: “Rage Against God – How Atheism Led Me to Faith” by Peter Hitchens!!!

      • I love so called “hate speech”…let me tell you something, human rights is just another word for CENSORSHIP. I was once called a counter-revolutionary in China, where I am not afraid to beat the crap out of those atheists thugs!

    • No. It totally doesn’t.

  6. As a transgendered teenager (16) it is a releaf to know I have rights. This makes me believe that I can truly do/be anything.

    • Actually, we don’t have rights until/unless this passes in the senate.

  7. This truly is an indication of how hard Canada is becoming towards God. It looks like after years of telling Him to get out of our lives He is finally doing that. It makes me very uncomfortable to think of when this country will be judged for its wrong doings. What a sad day this is.

    • Canada is a secular country. You want to live in a religious one, move to Iran.

      • Typical Canadian arrogance that has led us so far away from where this country started.

        • Oh? Where did we start?

          By swiping other people’s land?

          With slavery?

          By killing people in wars?

          By saying ‘one is too many?’

          Like I said….you want a theocracy, move to Iran, Nepal, Israel…..

          • Anywhere in Palestine/the Middle East really.

          • Maybe you started there. I sure didn’t.

            Neither did most other people.

          • Enough of your socialist bigotry…this country was once founded upon the Judeo-Christian principles, and it is a FACT. You have betrayed your forefathers. And your socialist, atheistic, politically correct rants are nothing short of a brain-washing methodology that I once experienced in Communist China. If you don’t like that your forefathers took away lands from the Natives, then you should pack your bags and return to Europe! Stop being a hypocrite!

          • I dunno what planet YOU are living on, but it doesn’t have any schools!

            Atheism has nothing to do with socialism. Ayn Rand, the heroine of the US rightwing, and the author of ‘Atlas Shrugged’ was an atheist. So is Karl Rove.

            Secularism means keeping religion and govt separate…..and lots of religious people are secular.

            I don’t give a rat’s patoot about socialism. Sorry.

            No, Canada wasn’t founded on any nonsense like ‘Judeo-Christian’ principles. That’s American tea-party nonsense, which isn’t true there either.

            Canada was built….from the beginning…by Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, Confucianists……and atheists.

            Atheists haven’t killed anybody. There are no atheist churches, rituals, or community. I could be living beside another atheist and not know it. We’re not organized enough for a coffee klatsch much less killing anyone.

            I dunno what Canadians ‘forefathers’ were….but American ones weren’t religious. Just the opposite in fact. They were the products of the Enlightenment….not bible-thumpers.

            If I don’t approve of my forefathers stealing land from the natives? What, that’s a christian value to you is it??

            Take a valium pal….and if you’re going to live in Canada, then learn what the country’s about.

          • Atheists will never admit their WRONGS!

            You are like one of those I see everyday in China!

            Stop being a liar.

          • Are you on drugs?

            Name one Muslim or Hindu that was present during the exploration of Canada, the battle at the Plains of Abraham or the War of 1812.

            YOU CANT

          • What is the cut off date for being descended from a Real Canadian?

          • Secularism, Atheism, and Socialism, together have caused the death of over 100 million people in the last 100 years…including the innocent souls in China, and now these wretched people want to destroy this country. Shame on them!

          • You can add Fascism and another “atheistic” ideology to your counting, you still will never approximate even a fraction of the death caused in the name of Abrahamic religions.

          • I want a theocracy! I love my Canadian heritage, history and the founding ideals. Sadly, sadly, there are so many rebellious ignorant fools out there that want nothing to do with it.

            We have different world-views, you, materialism, and me, Biblical…just admit it. The Bible writes that we will be persecuted because the world hates us…and you have just proven it with your actions, thank you for your encouragements!

            Moreover, using your analogy: there will be a “genocide” of those whom doesn’t put their trust in Christ Jesus, one day! You still have time, so REPENT!

          • Then move to another country….because Canada isn’t a theocracy and never will be.

            I’m not into material things, and don’t hate you….I don’t even know you! I consider you a crackpot. Or religiously insane.

            Go to bed.

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          • Atheism is a non-prophet organization

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      • You hate Christianity, don’t you? just admit it!!! Don’t be a coward, and stand up for what you believe….let me tell you something: CANADA will be a Third World Anti-Christian country in no time, WELL DONE!!!

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        Secularism, Humanism, Relativism, is your RELIGION!!! Admit it!

        • What?? You’re new here, right?

          I’m an atheist. I don’t believe in ANY religion. Or god.

          And I”ve said so from my first post on here.

          I’m not ‘in rebellion against God’….there is no God.

          • The fools said in his heart: “There is no God”.

            You are in rebellion against God.

            God created the Heavens and the Earth. And Jesus Christ died for you and I. Repent of your sins, and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

            God exists! Proof: Jesus Christ was raised from the dead, Do you believe it?

          • NO! Allah is God and Muhammad is his prophet. That’s that! You just cant reason with chrisatians…yeesh

          • Sorry but you are 100% wrong on that one.

          • Pretty sure you are a troll, since Muslims revere all the prophets, Jesus included.

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            Stop being a hypocrite! You don’t want to believe God is because you are pleasure seeking.

            In the Bible, it writes: in the last days…there will be lovers of pleasure instead lovers of God, having a form of Godliness and yet denying His power. – 2nd Timothy 3:1-9.

            REPENT of YOUR WAYS! Ideals will not save you, only CHRIST JESUS!

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          • Emily, you don’t want to hear it because you are exposed as a sinner.

            Open your ears, and receive the love of Christ Jesus!

          • For gods sake woman take your MEDS

          • I don’t know why you think it would be impossible to hate a fictional character that causes a lot of people to do a lot of harm. I personally don’t. I only hate fictional characters that I find annoying. Like Spongebob Squarepants. My ire for that character does not make him a real person / sea sponge.

      • I did not mean to start a war here, I was simply giving my deep felt conviction. Emily, i do hope beyond words that one day you will come to a knowledge of the saving power of Jesus Christ. He is more than worth living for and the reward is great to give up this life which we cannot keep anyway for a life that is far greater which we cannot lose.
        As for you Christians who are telling her to repent, i would encourage you to seek a ministry of love instead of logic. This bill shows how Canada has lost a sense of logic and it is only through the saving power of Christ and His love poured out through us that we can be effective. Arguments won’t work, love will.
        In Christ,

        • There is no war. I ignore people that try to impose their religious beliefs on me. I think they’re all crazy.

          I’ve been an atheist for over 40 years so I won’t be changing.

          Even the church gave up burning heretics at the stake. I suggest whatever brand of ‘christian’ you lot are….you keep it to yourselves.

          • I can understand your frustration with people shoving religion down your throat. That is the biggest cause of atheism today, is people that proclaim Christ with their mouth and deny him in their actions. I do plead with you to change but will not shove it down your throat, the Lord has offered you a great gift and would like nothing more than for you to receive it, but if you do reject it there is eternal consequences. Just like you would not keep from shouting at someone to get out of the way if they were in the path of a truck, I cannot stop from telling you the consequences unless you move your heart.

          • No, the biggest ’cause of atheism’….is that people don’t believe in ‘God’.

            Simple as that.

            Could you suddenly start believing in Zeus? Odin?

            How about Isis?

            Pink unicorns?

            Well then, you are also an atheist. I just believe in one less god than you do.

          • Well I see that you are very hard on this subject as well as you have alot of confusion and i will be praying for you emily, i genuinely will, whether you believe it or not I care about you, you can call me a creep or whatever but i care about you and your soul. I know beyond a shadow of any doubt that Christ is alive and He works daily, i have seen it and known his power, love and grace. He has done amazing things in me and that is all the evidence i need to know he is there. we could go back and forth on this topic all day and argue, but an argument is not what is going to change your soul, only Christ can do that, He loves you more than you can imagine and has given you the greatest gift of life. I pray that one day you will simply accept it.

          • You may also use the term “atheist” to describe me if you would like but it does not make much sense since i believe in a God and the definition is one that does not believe in the existence of God

          • I said I believe in ONE LESS god than you do.

          • I have no confusion at all.

            I don’t mind you believing in anything you like….it’s your choice and your life.

            But you may not try to impose it on me.

          • I’m not trying to impose anything on you, I am simply trying to show you the truth. That Christ died for you and loves you and apart from Him this life is meaningless.

          • Don’t.

            Because I’m not interested.

          • Alright Emily, well i appreciate your honesty, and i will continue to pray for you. Thank you for the wonderful conversation. Have a good evening.

          • I do not quite understand your reaction to my telling you this. If you were in my position and were completely convinced of the consequences of someone else’s actions, that they would spend an eternity in hell, wouldn’t you tell them?

          • How do you feel about muslim prayer rooms being set up with tax dollars in schools and public buildings. Women and non-muslims are not allowed.

            Surely you must not agree with this

        • Render unto caeasar and be in the world but not of it, m’boy. If it turns out you’re faith was right, you can sneer at us in the afterlife.

        • Well then, go love yourself.

      • Muslim Only prayer rooms being set up with tax dollars in public buildings. Women and non-muslims are not welcome in them. Not a religious country? Please explain.

  8. I must say I’m surprised that this many Tories, including Flaherty, supported the bill.

    • Why? Do you automatically assume that every Tory is a gay hating bigot hell bent on biting off the heads of puppies or something?

      • Er, because they’ve mostly (not entirely, but mostly) voted against any and all gay-rights legislation in past. And mostly (not entirely, but mostly) voted against it again this time. Anyhow I’m not complaining, just noticing. Good for them. This is a good thing is what I’m saying.

      • I don’t automatically assume -I make political assumptions based on behaviour (e.g. CPC attempting to reignite abortion debate) and ideological positions. I don’t assume Conservatives bite the heads off puppies but I do assume most Conservatives to be transphobic, homophobic, racists misogynists, who fear those that are different from themselves while nostalgically yearning to return to a paradise that never was (the self reliant cowboy of western frontier, the leave it to beaver perfect nuclear family that engaged only in marital and procreative sex, and of course the holy grail of nostalgia Eden, where men were men and women made out of men’s ribs- although don’t bring up Lilith).

        Conservative parties also used to be a safe harbor for anti-semites and immigrant haters, but Conservative ideologues discovered these groups can vote and thus can be usefully manipulated in striving for electoral success.

        • Are you sure you haven`t been taking Orson Bean seriously ?

  9. This is a huge step forward for human rights.

    • Human Rights??? what a Joke!!! I don’t really like human rights…Human rights is just another form of CENSORSHIP.

  10. a sad day for Canadians…as this country, once again being kidnapped by the Socialist Bigots…

  11. Massively disappointed in the Conservatives who supported this. Basically, anyone is now free to go into whichever bathroom they want.

    • They always were.

    • Just wait until they force legislation that every public and commercial building must be retrofitted with a third bathroom to accommodate transgendered people. Less than 0.0001% of the population are I might add.

      • You are off by at least 3 percentage points there, sheep, considering one person in 1000 transitions medically somehow.

    • There were never any laws dictating which bathrooms people were meant to use. It was only ever a social convention. If this law passes through the senate, that social convention will not be justification for harassing masculine looking women or feminine looking men who are simply trying to pee.

  12. Amazing feel good legislation that makes life better for all Canadians. Group hug!

    • It’s not feel good to the 78% of trans persons who have attempted suicide, nor the 48% of trans persons who live in poverty.

      And despite your sarcasm, yes, Canada became a better and fairer country than it was prior when their was no clear protection from prejudice and discrimination for trans persons, the most marginalized of marginalized groups.

  13. As if there were not more important decisions for the Canadian Parliament to be making.
    How ridiculous to be ruling on a rare, bizarre and unnatural way of living and as if were some profound and universal decision.
    It can make one physically sick knowing Canadians spend so much money on politicians with nothing of true substance to offer but silly schemes of ludicrousness.

    • Does this mean Canada’s social medicine will now be forced to pay for such transgender operations based on people’s whims as if they were common hip and knee replacements?

      • Why not? Being transgendered is not a whim -certainly I cannot imagine anyone deliberately deciding to subject himself/herself to the vile and relentless marginalization that trans person go through.

        Why not fund transitioning for the very few transgendered persons out there? We fund all kinds of medical procedures that are deemed important and necessary for the physical and mental health of people. It’s in the public health interest to fund these procedures.

      • You know that GRS is already covered in most provinces, right?

  14. This probably would not have gone through had Ontario not first incorporated trans rights into its Human Rights Code- legislation which ultimately was an all party bill and received the support of most of the Conservative caucus.

    However, none of that would have been possible if third party NDP MPP Cheri DiNovo had not tirelessly and courageously fought for full inclusion in the Ontario HRC. Of course there were also countless social justice activists pushing this struggle up that steep hill. When you fight on the side of truth and justice you will ultimately overcome- DiNovo tabled the HRC amendment 4 times in 6 years.

    DiNovo is shining example of what a politician could be. She is articulate, intellectually gifted, tireless, and most of all still believes that democratic politics can aspire to be fully inclusive and ethical rather than simply some Machiavellian maneuvering for political power.

  15. Dear Liberal friends,

    Your new leader didn’t bother showing up for the Bill C-279 vote. Lucky it passed without him.

    If Justin Trudeau truly wants to move the country in a more compassionate direction, he’s not doing much to prove it. He’s not even using the very governance tools at his discretion that he was elected to use in the first place.

    Too late to get Garneau back in the race? At least he shows up.

    • Not that Trudeau ever had any real progressive credibility with me, but I do hope that soft progressives like 905 soccer moms, many baby boomers, and 416 urbanati take this into consideration before falling for the Trudeau hype machine.

      Trudeau’s poor record of showing up to work, even before his run at leadership, leaves him open to same charge as Ignatieff (i.e. it takes a special kind of gall, a Liberal gall, to not show up to work and then ask for a promotion).

      Trudeau’s not showing up for crucial votes on progressive issues, moreover, undermines any credibility as a progressive, compassionate Liberal. He’s not just a backbencher anymore, he’s the soon crowned leader of the LPC and must show leadership on these issues.