C-38: Protest and power


Budget bill protests were organized this weekend in Victoria, Owen Sound, Waterloo, Penticton, Halifax, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Mississauga, Port Moody, North Bay, Prince George, Beamsville and Calgary. And dozens of websites will go dark today to protest C-38.

Seemingly in response, the Conservatives are dispatching 10 ministers across the country to “detail the benefits of the Government’s Plan for Responsible Resource Development.”


C-38: Protest and power

  1. Omnibus bills effectively unite all the opposition in one place. There are so many things to dislike about bill C-38 other than Irresponsible Resource Development.

  2. Thanks for highlighting our Waterloo action, Aaron. Anita and I appreciate that. But if that’s the only part of the bill they feel is defendable, how about we cut out the following sections of the budget–split these out. Which is kind of what we’ve been asking for all along.
    shortchanges cash-strapped provinces of expected health transfers by $31 billion;weakens food and drug regulations at the discretion of the Minister of Health;ends vital Auditor General oversight of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency;paves the way for private contractors to perform food safety inspections.
    forces Canadians to work two years longer, to age 67, to qualify for Old Age Security;cuts workers off Employment Insurance if they don’t take any job the Minister of Human Resources deems “suitable”;repeals The Fair Wages and Hours of Labour Act;removes federal contractors from the protection of The Employment Equity Act;brings in foreign workers and allows them to be paid 15% less than our minimum wage.
    And these are only two sections out of at least five. (Thanks to NDP)

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