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C-38: The NDP’s response


The official opposition has launched a three-part response to the budget bill, including public hearings in Ottawa and across the country, a website and a social media campaign. The first hearing will be tomorrow on Parliament Hill. Hearings in Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Regina and Vancouver. The New Democrats say these meetings will invite public comment, but also include those with expertise or connections to the area of public policy affected by the budget bill.

Sayeth Opposition House leader Nathan Cullen in the official news release: “If the Government won’t let us do our job in parliament then we have to take it outside.”

The official hashtag is apparently #harperbudget.


C-38: The NDP’s response

  1. Beautiful!
    Going over the government’s heads and taking it directly to the people likely won’t have any real, direct effect on the CPC’s stance, but the negative publicity – if it leads to a drop in the polls for them &/or an increase for the NDP – may well discourage them from more of these backdoor legislative changes in the future.
    I would encourage all opposition members (and like-minded members of the CPC) to simply walk out rather than vote, when the time comes.