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C-38: Why do you hate jobs, growth and prosperity?


A statement released this afternoon by Government House leader Peter Van Loan.

“The Harper Government’s top priority is creating jobs, growth and long-term prosperity. Our Government’s economic policies have made Canada an island of stability in a troubled global economy. Our Economic Action Plan has helped create nearly 760,000 net new jobs since July 2009.

The global economy is fragile and challenges remain – as witnessed by ongoing events in Europe. Canada is not immune to these global challenges. The NDP and Liberals want to send billions of Canadian taxpayers’ dollars to bail out European banks. The NDP and Liberals’ dangerous economic incompetence is a threat to Canada’s economic recovery.

Unfortunately, the NDP and Liberals are putting their narrow partisan interests ahead of Canadian families and jobs. The NDP and Liberals are continuing their efforts to delay and obstruct the Jobs, Growth and Long-Term Prosperity Act. This important legislation supports job creation, responsible resource development, small businesses and vital sectors of the economy. The bill has already received the longest House debate and Committee consideration of any budget bill in over two decades.

Our Government has been moving forward with this important economic initiative in Parliament in an orderly, productive and hard-working way. The NDP and Liberals’ obstruction and delay is a threat to Canada’s economic growth and prosperity.

As the global recovery remains fragile – especially in Europe – Canadians want their government to focus on what matters: jobs, economic growth and long-term prosperity. We are doing exactly that by implementing Economic Action Plan 2012.”


C-38: Why do you hate jobs, growth and prosperity?

  1. Oh that’s just absurd….even beyond the point of laughter.

    SURELY there are no Cons who actually believe such nonsense…..even if they’re devout koolaid drinkers!

  2. They created 760,000 part-time McJobs with lousy pay and benefits while destroying 550,000 good-paying full-time jobs with decent benefits. Should Canadians be grateful they are working more and getting paid less and will now be forced to take jobs with even less pay with the new labor-busting legislation? Canadians want rising living standards not Orwellian TV propaganda that wastes tens of millions of taxpayer dollars every year.

  3. Every day these guys get more surreal…

  4. Have the other parties even taken a position on a European bailout, or is this govenment continuing its longstanding depraved habit of lying for the sake of lying?

    Jeez, why not go back to saying their on the side of child pornographers, you CPC scum?