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C-45: Meet the new omnibus budget bill


Here is C-45, the second budget implementation bill, which was tabled in the House about 20 minutes ago.

As a pdf, it is 457-pages long.

Depending on the precise and final formatting, that would make this bill longer than C-38, the year’s first budget implementation act. At a combined 900 pages, that would be the second largest load of budget bills in the last 19 years: surpassed only by the two bills that were tabled in 2010 that combined for more than a thousand pages.

Here, for the sake of comparison, are the page counts for all budget implementation bills going back to 1994. If you add all the budget bills from 1994 through 2001 together at the time they received Royal Assent, they total 473 pages.

And here again is the rough guide to Bill C-38, which should answer a lot of the procedural and contextual questions you might have about C-45.


C-45: Meet the new omnibus budget bill

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