REPLAY: Who’s on Harper’s revamped front benches?

Lots of new faces, lots of shuffled veterans in re-jigged cabinet


Rideau Hall.

For weeks, we’ve heard Ottawa reporters speculating about Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s mid-term cabinet shuffle. Now, after every Conservative backbencher’s credentials have been considered during every slow news day since the House of Commons rose for the summer, the cabinet shuffle has arrived.

John Geddes, Paul Wells and Nick Taylor-Vaisey help you digest all the new faces on Harper’s front benches. At 10:30 a.m., we liveblogged all the action at Rideau Hall. We introduced you to the new faces in cabinet.


REPLAY: Who’s on Harper’s revamped front benches?

  1. I agree the pm had to shuffle his deck, and that many of the faces were just (sorry) too old now. But these “young ‘uns” he’s put in, who are being called his strong performers — their ‘strong performance’ was based on their willingness to go on political programs and spout talking points. Their willingness to ignore questions and take the most uber-partisan shots in Hoc they could — essentially, to do everything except show they are ready for prime time. So, for all of us, I sure as hell hope a few of these people also can stand on their own two feet, defend whatever needs defense in their portfolios, and make some tough and fair decisions. Because if all they are there for is to dress up the front row and keep doing whatever the short-pantsers in PMO tell them to do — well, we are worse off than ever. I have no faith in Polievre or Glover, but let’s see if Alexander, Rempel, and Bergen have any of the jam we keep being told they have. And I hope, for all of Canada, that they can actually perform. Or do I?

    • As a small “c” conservative don’t seek much in this cabinet but its better than a government run by a bearded Marxist or a Bieber wannabe

      • Why better? Just because it’s conservative? We need better, no matter what stripe and your juvenile name-calling makes you seem in denial and immature. Since everyone in his caucus in supposedly conservative, do you think harper could have done better, or is this as good as it gets?

        • Being truthful is not being juvenile

          • The bearded Marxist dropped socialism from the party’s policy manual. The NDP are trying to pretend they are moving to the center. Did you miss that bulletin? As fro the Bieber wannabe, thrity years of being mentored by one of our greatest P.M.s ever, (check a variety of polls etc. for that viewpoint) probably has helped to prepare him for leadership. And finally, there are no small c Conservatives anymore. If you support anyone or anything associated to this government you are most definately an EXTRA LARGE C conservative.

          • So the NDP is not about Big Government and taxes I think those in Manitoba and Nova Scotia might disagreed and Trudeau was a great PM. Can I buy some of the stuff you have been smoking?

          • No, no pot for the conservatives — have another drink.

  2. I would be pleased if every single mention of Michelle Rempel would work in how she whined on twitter that her caucus had to miss out on family events because the opposition made them stay late to vote down amendments to omnibus bills her party promised it would never use.

    Speaks volumes.

    • P.S. If you’re Harper, why bother having a separate portfolio for the Enivronment and for Western Business Development?

  3. I know its an old cliché, but let me say it anyway, its still ” lipstick on a pig “.

  4. Wow, MacKay lies about brining the two right wing parties together, then lies about his fishing trip, screws up the F-35 purchase and now he is the Minister of Justice. Wow, wow, wow. I guess Shelly Glover hasn’t done enough misdeeds to get a serious portfolio, but she is working on it.

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