Calling for a reset on the F-35, circa 2010 -

Calling for a reset on the F-35, circa 2010


A year and a half ago, the Liberals used an opposition day to put forward the following motion.

That, in the opinion of the House, the government’s decision to purchase the F-35 stealth fighter jets without holding an open competition will cost Canadian taxpayers billions of dollars at a time of unprecedented deficits and will create fewer jobs in the Canadian aerospace industry than would be guaranteed through an open competition and therefore the House calls on the government to immediately cancel their plan to spend $16 billion through an untendered, uncompetitive process while there is still no penalty to do so and instead commit to holding an open competition to replace the CF-18s based on clear and publicly disclosed foreign and defence policy requirements.

That day’s debate on the motion starts here and resumes here. Tony Clement’s response for the government is here. Rona Ambrose’s response is here. Laurie Hawn’s formal response starts here.

When the motion was voted on a few days later, it was defeated, with Conservative and Bloc MPs voting against.


Calling for a reset on the F-35, circa 2010

  1. Given a chance, without a gloved hand on it’s throat, our parliament works.

  2. So a Conservative / Bloc coalition is costing the country tens of billions of dollars? Wait until Stephen Harper hears…oh wait.

  3. Maclean’s and the Liberal Media keep saying they want a fighter competition, but they never do any analysis of the F-35’s competitors, why is that? Is possible that the F-35 is so advanced that no competing fighter would stand up to intense scrutinity?

    • Well, maybe because Canada’s military requirements for a jet fighter thus far consists of “we want a fifth generation” which is the same as saying we want kleenex, not facial tissue.  Maybe whoever else sells fighter jets should just copyright the words, ‘tenth generation’.

      Or, maybe its because the Liberal Media is in fact, media and not fighter jet analysts.

      Perhaps the Liberal Media would much rather call Harper to account than do his work for him for nothing.

      But probably it is because the Liberal Media has no idea what scrutinity is and therefore wouldn’t know whether something is standing up to it or falling down.

    •  Maybe, if the F-35 ever goes into production.

  4. Sure creating employment is great, but buying Military Warfare puts Canada right up there with the USA in War Mongering.