Can the Liberals get away with running a big deficit? -

Can the Liberals get away with running a big deficit?

Evan Solomon in conversation with EKOS president Frank Graves, who finds Canadians actually want more spending, not less


In Question Period, Finance Minister Bill Morneau is often grilled by the opposition about how big the deficit will be this year, and if he will keep the Liberal promise to balance the books in four years. So far, there is no firm answer. But the government has strongly hinted that they will be changing their campaign promises due to the deteriorating economy. The Conservatives are raging about this. But just how politically dangerous could it be for the Liberals to rack up big deficits?

Evan Solomon spoke with Ekos Research president Frank Graves, who argues it is not nearly as dangerous as some think. Graves says the polls reveal that Canadians want the government to do one thing: spend.


Can the Liberals get away with running a big deficit?

  1. The provinces from Ontario east want the government to spend because they don’t perceive that they will be ones paying the bill. In their view, the bill will just be handed to the Western provinces (along with a few redneck insults). The Liberals are the party that understands that this is how Canada is meant to be run.

    However this time the West isn’t in a position to foot the bill for Bombardier bailouts, auto industry subsidies, new subway lines in Toronto, bridges in Montreal, paying off Ontario’s terrifying debt or whatever other gifts Santa Trudeau has planned.

    So watch out for deficits that will take us on the Greek path faster than anyone is anticipating.

  2. This is very funny. Graves is a big supporter and cheerleader for the Liberals. What else would he say?