Can Tony Clement find the $3.1 billion in the public accounts?

Testing one of the government’s defences


Liberal MP John McCallum has asked the government to explain where in the public accounts he might find information about the unaccounted for $3.1 billion.

As previously noted—Warning: Spoiler Alert—this might prove difficult.


Can Tony Clement find the $3.1 billion in the public accounts?

  1. “Missing $3.1 billion listed in public accounts? Prove it, says Lib MP”

    No you prove it – Clement.
    No you prove it – opposition.

    The opposition must realize by now that no one bests Tony C in these kind of, who’s the biggest moron contests? I guess that’s just politics? As long as the headlines say, where’s the missing 3 billion the opposition’s happy, and the govt understandably grumpy. What’s really different with this govt, is its frequent assertions that it isn’t the govt’s job to prove anything…SO THERE!
    Thus we go further down the rabbit hole.

  2. Maybe if someone tells Tony it’s a form of “Where’s Waldo?” he might be more inclined to give finding it a whirl.

  3. Maybe we need to appoint a co-manager to help Tony Clement and restore Canadians’ confidence that the money is being spent properly. #ifitworksforattawapiskat

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