‘Canada is weird’


Campbell Clark tries to explain the Harper government’s decision to cut off Iran.

There’s no U.S. embassy there and the British left last November, when their gated embassy was stormed by protesters. Ottawa worried Canadians could be next in line as the enemy foreigners. If Israel launches strikes, Canadian diplomats believed they would be taken hostage. Ottawa, after all, has become Israel’s staunchest defender. The Harper government also had a September deadline to list Iran as a “state sponsor of terrorism” under a new law, and worried about retaliation…

It didn’t have to expel all Iranian diplomats to deal with safety concerns in Tehran. On Monday, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney offered a new reason: Iranian diplomats were intimidating Iranian-Canadians. But the key reason, certainly, was that the government wanted to make it part of a statement about Iran as a rogue nation. That’s why Ottawa listed Iran as a state sponsor of terrorism on the same day as it made its surprise announcement.

Michael Petrou reported exclusively yesterday on Iran’s dealings in Canada.


‘Canada is weird’

  1. Well….Cons are certainly weird.

    • Listen here you white wine socialist….Never mind, your assessment is always right. By the way, once your husband is done with doing the dishes, will he be allowed to watch an Oprah re-run with you?

      • wierd response, Canadababy! illustrating the point aptly.

      • Speaking of weird Canadians, you show up.

    • Whatever Cons are, the protests in the middle east against embassies have gotten violent and deadly including in Iran.

      • But, just like Romney blaming a statement before the fact from a view after the fact, closing an embassy before all this started cannot be called a prudent response in light of something that hadn’t happened yet. Close it today? Sure. Having said that, I’m not sure I’m against the closure–because I for sure don’t trust what they are up to here. Sadly, closing our embassy there and removing their diplomats here seems to have done nothing to get at the real issue Petrou brings up and clarifies.

      • Well the west certainly encouraged riots, protests, revolutions and overthrow….called it the Arab Spring, remember?

        Putin was right….it was a stupid thing for the West to do

        • Are you talking about the same Putin who took a tiger out of the zoo so he could shoot it with a tranquilizer dart? Yes, that is the man we all should look to for guidance.

          • You’re just looking for a fight….and a silly one at that.

            Sorry, not interested.

          • Yes I am sure you don’t want to talk about Putin seeing how according to the National Post today he joined the UN security counsel in again warning Iran to abandon their uranian program….in light of Israel’s threat to attack forthwith.

          • Sorry, not interested in your silly diversions.

      • The protest are against america not canada or ireland. Protest have not been violent in Iran. Perhaps the west should not fund salafi extremist hate groups for short term gain.
        A mosque was bunt down in america last month no one rioted.the Muslim Brotherhood condemed attacks on embassies

  2. I am a little surprised to are still kicking this dead horse considering the violent protests now against embassies in the middle east, including the Swiss embassy in Tehran. Canada had to close its Cairo embassy yesterday. I think it is time to let it go, Aaron.

    • So, you figure the government saw this week’s violence coming last week?

      • Have you a license for that Tardis sir?

        • To be fair, I wasn’t really applying the idiocy of Romeny’s apparent belief that the Obama administration has access to time travel to my reply to Healthcare Insider. I think it’s doubtful, but it’s at least POSSIBLE that somehow the Harper Government had some hint that things were about to get hotter in Egypt and Libya, and likely Iran shortly thereafter.

        • he can get one for yesterday, though.

      • I never suggested that the government saw anything coming. I am just saying that in light of what has happened, isn’t it time to stop lamenting that it happened?

        • To the extent that the two events are only related by COINCIDENCE, no.

          The wisdom and rationale for cutting off Iran aside, the government’s handling of the communication of said decision has been pretty bad. To my mind, the government’s failure to effectively communicate the rationale and purpose for closing down the Embassy in Iran and kicking Iranian diplomats out of Canada is in no way mitigated by the fact that a new rationale (that the government arguably couldn’t have seen coming) has emerged SUBSEQUENT to the government’s initial failure.

          Also, for what it’s worth, I don’t personally lament that we cut off diplomatic relations with Iran (at the formal level, we haven’t cut off relations COMPLETELY). I’m actually rather supportive of the decision. I just feel that the government handled the implementation and communication of the decision very poorly. Diplomacy is largely about sending messages, and this message was bungled and confusing to both our “adversaries” and our allies. The fact that subsequent events might make us more glad that the decision was made doesn’t really change the fact that the government messed up the decision’s implementation and communication, imho.

  3. CON morons don’t even know it was extremist Christian fanatics that made the ‘Muhammed movie’.

    and they tried to pretend it was made by ‘Israeli Jews’.

    THAT is a terrorist act that killed Americans.

    Now they’re trying to call Harper a ‘genius’?

    That’s like calling a lottery winner a ‘financial whiz’….

  4. “For many countries, Ottawa’s basic message, “Iran is bad” was crossed with another signal: “Canada is weird.”


    I wonder if that went some way to cement our image as loose cannons on the international scene; if the “Canada is back baby” message is resonating in ways SH hadn’t quite anticipated?

  5. Calling iran anti semitic when it has jewish citzens… Wierd
    Canadian banks close accounts of canadians of iranian heritage…wierd
    Calling iran a sponsor of terrorism(Assad is legimate ruler he heads a proper state ) after what canada did in libya…wierd

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