Canada owns the hockey world -

Canada owns the hockey world

Let there be no doubt: we rule


So continues Canada’s astonishing string of hockey dominance. How dominant have we been? This Olympics was the 11th major world hockey tournament since the 1972 Summit Series launched the modern era of international competition (major, as in all the best hockey nations are represented, and they all bring their best players). That’s five Canada Cups (1976, 1981, 1984, 1987, and 1991), two World Cups (1996 and 2004), and four Olympics (1998, 2002, 2006, 2010).

Of those 11 competitions, Canada has now won 7 and come second in 2. Our cumulative record, including round-robin, quarter-, semi- and final games is 56-15-7, a 76% winning percentage. Not only have we dominated overall: we’ve dominated every one of our major competitors. We’re 8-4-2 against the Soviets/Russians, 12-4-1 against the USA, 9-2 against Sweden, 5-2-1 against Finland, 5-1-2 against Czechoslovakia, 2-1-1 against the Czech Republic and 4-0 against Slovakia.

May I politely say: We rule.


Canada owns the hockey world

  1. hear hear!!!!!

  2. Living in the UK, I'm as proud as punch to have watched our team win Gold!

    But let's not forget why the world loves us for who we are. Modest, respectful and good sportsmanship.

    There is no reason for us to lose favour with the world because we are brash and brimming with pride. Let's do it respectfully. That is all.

    • If it's all the same to you, I'm gonna get drunk and yell from the rooftops.

      • And tomorrow you will be humbly praying to the porcelain gods…

        • Oh, and it will be worth it. Porcelain God Bless Canada!!


    • I watched the win in the US, surrounded by Americans (at the university student center because I don't have cable). I cheered when we won, but congratulated our American neighbours for winning the medal count. They were a heck of a challenge this time around, which made our victory all the more sweet.

      • Those hockey players from the US side were not happy to accept the Silver medals.



    • Observant, YOUR CAPS LOCK IS ON, and no one wants to hear your partisan puffery right now.

    • Just f***off please. Today is not the day for that sort of nonsense.

      • Very well put. Thank you.

    • Ah, excuse me, but Harper didn't do a damn thing but sit on his rump and watch. Give credit where credit is due – the athletes.

      • Well, he did prorogue Parliament, which resulted in an uninterrupted display of unity the likes of which this country has never seen, versus the yelling and shouting of the word "torture" for the past two weeks, which is what Harper's critics were salivating for all along. I also believe that it was his government that initiated the "Own the Podium" program that ultimately proved successful. Well, that's if you want to talk politics, of course.

        • This Canadian men's hockey gold medal win has Donolo's fingerprints all over it. Masterstroke.

        • Own the podium was launched in 2005 during the previous Liberal government, just as the games were awarded to Canada when Chretien was prime minister.

          Now please give it a rest. You're embarassing yourself.

          • Awww, you didn't get a chance to yell and scream "torture" for the past two weeks, did you. Too bad.

        • Get stuffed eh! And get your facts straight.

          • You mean Harper didn't prorogue Parliament, and your types did get the chance to throw as much mud as possible at this country during the winter Olympics?

          • One thing about your, Dennis. You don't just miss the point, you miss it spectacularly!

        • are you honestly announcing you wouldn't have been smart enough to route for our athletes if Harper had no prorogued?

          are you saying we weren't united when fighting the great wars?

          way to go! you own the ignorance and stupidity podium tonight at the same time!

        • The whole process started "7" years ago. The NDP premier at the time and Chretien got it going and actually, Paul Martin inititated the Own the Podium and funding plans – thems the facts.

          So, Harper really didn't have much to do with the planning, funding plans and process.

          • Factually, the Govt of Canada picking up the $11 million OTP funding was announced by Lunn in 2009, not Paul Martin.
            And no federal Govt had a hand in the planning, not current or nor previous ( like the 'C' on the uniforms, and the flame route).

            The BC govt and Olypic committees and rafts of volunteers get ALL the credit for the planning and execution of the BEST Canadian unifying event , ever.

          • Re: 2010 Olympics

            2 0 0 3 : Federal government invested $75 million annually with an additional $45 million over 5 years and another $10 million in the next 2 years.

            2 0 0 5: Funds $87 million for the Olympics and $20 million for the the 2010 for the Paralympics.

    • This is all very pathetic, if no one happened to notice.

    • Do they give gold medals for asshattery?

  4. Are those stats including the women? Or is it you don't want to heap on the embarrassment? ;-)

  5. Dmitri Soudas, on duty 24/7.

  6. Andrew, what would have happened to this article if Canada lost in OT? :)

    No, it's true. We really are a hockey super power. We may not be able to kick a soccer ball into the broad side of a barn, but we churn out hockey superstars like the US prints money.

  7. I say we give Team USA honorary Canadian citizenship for that performance.

    That said, however, my thoughts on the game are these:

    1. After Canada had 'em down two to zip, the USA should have folded up and crashed like a Walmart lawn-chair. They didn't.

    2. I was thinking that those two goalpost hits might come back to haunt.

    3. When the chips are down – you can insert your own name here but I'm in Calgary – my subconscious always starts muttering to me, "Where's Iggy?"

    4. That kid Crosby is the gift that keeps on giving.

    5. It's our game. Still. But, there's a lot of other countries catching on. It isn't just about size, skill and talent; character is a component that will carry a hockey team a long way. Not every other sport can boast that.

    6. That was a great -> team <- effort.

    7. My compliments and the last word to Mr. Crosby for his insight into his chosen profession. This game was nearly pure hockey. When interviewed afterward Sidney said, "That's the way hockey should be played."

    • that was a magnificent team effort – not to be negative but has anyone heard if Crosby was hurt? He was fighting the puck all game…except for that wonderful goal of course. Great players always seem to have a wonderful sense of timing…Crosby's no exception. Yeah Canada!!!!

  8. And, you would have been the first to pounce all over the team had the Americans scored in OT. And, you know it.

    Such a fickle thing, which makes the bravado meaningless.

    We won by a whisker….

  9. That's awfully funny coming from someone who apparently doesn't have a point. Question: Do some of you enjoy swinging and missing, then patting yourselves on the back for the effort? lol. Next.

  10. Was that Stephen Harper that got those boos as the closing ceremonies?

    • Boos? I think they were chanting Luuu, as in our gold medal goalie.

  11. "are you honestly announcing you wouldn't have been smart enough to route for our athletes if Harper had no prorogued? "

    I wasn't announcing anything, genius. But then again, I guess I'm just not as brilliant, wise, and cool-headed as some of you.

    • "But then again, I guess I'm just not as brilliant, wise, and cool-headed as some of you."

      That's for sure.


  13. That was one heck of a hockey game, even better than 2002!

  14. What a fantastic performance by Team Canada and all the athletes!

    Medal winners or not, they all did us proud!

    And yes, we do OWN the podium.

  15. …remember the stanley cup final where the flames scored and everyone in the world seen the puck pass the blue line? but politics the way it is united states said it was a no goal…go figger! there is a hockey gawd!…

    • pardon me ahem i said blue line it was the goal line

  16. Today is a day that Canadians will remember for a long time.

    • We will definitely use this as fodder for the "we're the best" argument for the next 4 years. And rightfully so. Cuz, you know, we're the best!

  17. I'm sensing a bit of emotional fervour beating inside the otherwise always-rational Mr. Coyne.

    Good to see.

  18. "May I politely say, we rule"

    Perfect Andrew, perfect.

  19. BTW stupidest comment I've read this morning comes from Ryan Kessler, who claims that the US "dominated" in overtime. Like, huh? Not only did Canada outshoot the US 7-4 in OT, I watched the game a second time last night (way less nerve-wracking once you know the Good Guys won). And I carefully watched OT to see who had puck possession, who had the chances, etc. Canada clearly dominated in OT, it terms of puck possession, territorial play, chances, defence, etc. Kessler is delusional. He needs therapy.

  20. Yes, it's called the Nobel Peace Prize.

  21. so sad that we never had a full-time national team like the soviets/russians

    the hockey record books would be undeniably very different

  22. I couldn't agree more. Canada is dominating the world of hockey lately. I can see it on the news.