Canadian conservatives eulogize Margaret Thatcher -

Canadian conservatives eulogize Margaret Thatcher

Tease the day: Brian Mulroney and Conrad Black heap praise on the Iron Lady

Margaret Thatcher, in fashion at last

Peter Turnley/Corbis

Margaret Thatcher’s photo is everywhere this morning. Anyone who reads a newspaper will know what she looked like in her prime, they’ll know when she was born (1925) and when she died, and they’ll know just how profoundly she effected inspiration among conservatives in Canada. Former prime minister Brian Mulroney pays tribute in The Globe and Mail. Conrad Black pays tribute in the National Post. Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird and Treasury Board President Tony Clement, both quoted in the Globe, pay their own tributes. Mulroney proclaimed his love for the Iron Lady. Clement called her a saviour.

Everyone makes clear that Thatcher was hated by many, and most papers point out that there were celebrations in some corners—partying in the streets, even—at the announcement of her death. But there’s no mistaking that she was a living heroine to conservatives in this country. And in the absence of any home-grown idols, she will forever stand tall to those who admire her principle and tenacity.

What’s above the fold this morning?

The Globe and Mail leads with the story behind the Gatineau murder-suicide that “could have been even more tragic.” The National Post fronts Conrad Black’s reflections on former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher, who died of a stroke yesterday. The Toronto Star goes above the fold with a lack of information available about a baby in a Toronto hospital erroneously declared dead by hospital officials, who eventually realized their mistake. The Ottawa Citizen leads with the escalating strike measures undertaken by unhappy Canadian diplomats. iPolitics fronts the recurring tax struggles of Liberal Senator Pana Merchant. leads with Canadians’ concerns about dirty hospital rooms. National Newswatch showcases a Canadian Press story about Conservative miscommunication regarding proposed riding boundaries in Saskatchewan.

Stories that will be (mostly) missed

1. Nuclear liability. Greenpeace says the feds hope to make nuclear operators liable for $650 million worth of damage caused by a nuclear incident, a big boost over the current $75 million limit. 2. Military college. A panel of experts is concerned about governance at the Royal Military College. A new report suggests administrators should retain more control over the school’s operations.
3. Consultation. Supporters and opponents of an application to reverse the flow of an Enbridge pipeline must request permission to comment publicly—a move that critics say stifles opposition. 4. Nuclear exports. Canadian companies can now export nuclear material to India for peaceful purposes, the latest move to accelerate nuclear cooperation between the two countries.


Canadian conservatives eulogize Margaret Thatcher

  1. Our Leader is so impressed … he uses her hair.

  2. Anyone who considers themselves a liberal should think Thatcher is a great role model, particularly for females. Thatcher from humble beginnings, went to Oxford to study chemistry before it was normal for women to attend university at all, and then went on to become PM.

    Thatcher broke both class and misogynist barriers, she was terrific example of liberalism.

    • Extremists look perhaps their silliest when trying to lecture moderates about why they should think or believe something.

      • If you say so.

    • You seem to assume liberalism and feminism are one and the same. While they share many goals, it is possible to be conservative yet support many feminist beliefs. Thatcher being a “prime” example of such.

      • Liberalism use to be about meritocracy, the individual triumphing over the system, individual against entrenched interests and Thatcher is good example. Humble beginnings, no influential family or money, and Thatcher used brains God gave her and made something of herself while beating many others who had significantly more advantages than her.

        There are plenty of political ideas of Thatcher’s that I don’t agree, she’s much more conservative than me, but she is terrific role model for kids. Get education and use your talents to achieve your goals no matter who’s against you.

        • Thatcher was a hectoring, lecturing bully. But one with undoubted talent and a weird kind of charm. The irony probably being that if she had been a man she would not have got away with half of it. Having said that, half of the public school tossers that infested British male politics deserved no less than she gave them – a paddle on the butt from mumsie…which most likely many of them secretly craved and adored her for it.

          The British public school system was in some ways as sick as the residential school system here. Only they tired to beat the father into the child. Mostly the just succeeded in ensuring the child never grew up.

          I will always be grateful for her and Ronnie for keeping spitting image around for as long as she did though… and for giving Billy Bragg so much material.

  3. I recall her comments about the ANC, specifically calling it a terrorist organisation and saying that anyone who thought the ANC could lead South Africa was cuckoo. She railed against the rest of the Commonwealth for imposing sanctions on Apartheid South Africa during that period. She was steadfast friends with General Pinochet and with the Indonesian dictator Suharto. What a great woman. I’m sure her, Mulroney, and Black have plenty in common (although to be fair, Mulroney was decidedly against apartheid).

  4. Best comment i’ve seen today [on cbc blog believe it or not]

    Thatcher deserves a state funeral, but it would only be fair if the private sector paid for it.

    • She’d be rolling in her embalming fluids if she knew the plans/cost of the state funeral that has been announced. They really should take a Randian approach to this: sell tickets to view the procession with scaled pricing to allow more access. Plan and pay for the whole thing based on advance ticket sales. Perhaps have an auction to fill speaking slots in the eulogy (no taxpayer funds allowed, Conservatives!). The more money they bring in, the more effects they can pay for (pallbearers and incense probably come cheap, but things like a 21-gun salute and a squadron of fighters flying overhead cost serious coin!).

  5. Wait until Conrad hears what Saunder’s had to say about her in the GM today. His thoughts will be nothing if not Black.