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‘Canadians are smarter than this’


Charlie Angus used his members’ statement yesterday to contemplate the nature of truth.


‘Canadians are smarter than this’

  1. “Canadians are smarter than this”

    PJ O’Rourke ~ Authority has always attracted the lowest elements in the human race. All through history, mankind has been bullied by scum. Those who lord it over their fellows and toss commands in every direction and would boss the grass in the meadow about which way to bend in the wind are the most depraved kind of prostitutes. They will submit to any indignity, perform any vile act, do anything to achieve power. The worst off-sloughings of the planet are the ingredients of sovereignty. Every government is a parliament of whores.

    The trouble is, in a democracy the whores are us.

  2. “… to contemplate the nature of truth.”

    Wil Wilkinson ~ Ideology And The Self:

    Our broadly political commitments reverberate even in our judgments about the metaphysics of the self. The authentic self is the ideologically-validated self. This may help explain the widespread tendency to see those with whom we fundamentally disagree as victims of “false consciousness”. We cannot help but suspect that they are in the grip of some kind of illusion, while we are clear-eyed and at home in the world as it is. Our ideological opposites are not only at war with truth, but alienated from their true selves.