‘Canadians have not been given sufficient justification’

by Aaron Wherry

The privacy commissioner questions the Harper government’s push for “lawful access” legislation.

Despite repeated calls, no systematic case has yet been made to justify the extent of the new investigative capabilities that would have been created by the bills. Canadian authorities have yet to provide the public with evidence to suggest that CSIS or Canadian police cannot perform their duties under the current regime.   One-off cases and isolated incidents should not prove the rule, nor should exigent or emergency circumstances, for which there are already Criminal Code provisions. 

As well, if the concern of law enforcement agencies is that it is difficult to obtain warrants or judicial authorization in a timely way, these administrative challenges should be addressed by administrative solutions rather than by weakening long-standing legal principles that uphold  Canadians’ fundamental freedoms. 


‘Canadians have not been given sufficient justification’

  1. Yeah, but Canadian citizens are no longer forced to participate in the intrusive and privacy-destroying long-form census, and are no longer turned into criminals by the intrusive long-gun registry. See? It all comes out in the wash. Quit your worrying.

  2. Don’t worry about it. The CPC doesn’t expect Canadians have to obey the law anyway.

  3. Unless ”weakening long-standing legal principles that uphold  Canadians’ fundamental freedoms” is the actual objective.

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